May 31, 2023

Tulips – Fiddlathon in Girne 

Further to the previous article about the Fiddlathon in aid of Tulips, we were able to visit during the afternoon of the 29th September for a few hours.  The day’s event was arranged in aid of Help Those with Cancer Association (Tulips) and was organized by Peter Martin and sponsored by Credit West Bank. 

We met Carole King and Sue Tilt both busily working as usual to support Tulips which they have been doing for a number of years.  There were plenty of attractions for both the children and adults and I understand there was a steady stream of people joining in the various events during the day and evening.   We arrived  during the afternoon and I was asked to join in a music quiz which was to be held in a short while so I sat myself down and listened to the music of some young violinists and this was followed by 2 very young girls who played brass, first singly and then as a pair.   

There was more music from the violinist and keyboard player and then the quiz began.  Unfortunately not many people had taken the opportunity to pay a donation for the quiz sheet so there were only a few people taking part.   There were 24 questions on music from the shows which Peter, the violinist, played and some I recognized, some I knew the tunes but not the shows and some I couldn’t recognize at all but at the end when the sheets had been checked I won a 2nd prize and this was a dinner for 2 at a newly opened restaurant – Kamares in Karaoğlanoğlu.  This is something to look forward to and I will be able to write about the restaurant and the meal at a later date which will give credit to all concerned.

We had to leave around 6.30pm so were sorry to have missed Grup Umut who were playing later in the evening and also the “Friends” Line Dancers who were due to appear at 10pm.  I can always rely on Janet Bartholomew to let me know what the “Friends” are up to and she did not let me down.  This is her account of their evening.

“Another night of fun for “Friends“  was taking part in the event organised by Peter Martin for Help Those with  Cancer Association – Tulips.

Supposedly there was to be ten in the team but a good friend,  Lyn, went along to give support, wearing the colours of “Friends“ and she joined them on the dance floor,  performing unrehearsed all of the nine routines.

The waiters also gave their support and enjoyed pretending to be cowboys as they tried on the dancers’ hats.

A good night for an excellent cause”

We will advise the result of the Fiddlathon charity event when it is known.

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