October 4, 2023

The Kozan Donkeys

News received from the “Friends Line Dancers” who have just re-started their classes for both beginners (see Events Calendar for details) and intermediate groups at the Punjab Restaurant in Lapta.

At a recent event the sum of 250 TL was handed over to Sarah and her mum from “Friends“ Line Dancers to help with the purchase of winter food for the Kozan Donkeys (Alsancak that were).

This money was collected over a period of months during dancing mornings at the Punjab Restaurant in Lapta, where the dancers kindly emptied their purses and pockets of any loose change in aid of a good cause.

So not only do the “Friends” Line Dancers enjoy the dancing and the company of each other, as well as giving entertainment at various functions, they also help the donkeys of North Cyprus which are such a well-known feature of the island.


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