May 31, 2023

Kulaksiz 5 – what’s going on now?

The Kulaksiz 5 dispute is once again back in the headlines with both the British Residents’ Society and the Royal British Legion being asked to distribute the facts about this case to their members so that those with a sympathetic view will be able to consider the facts and offer their support as they feel appropriate.

Recently For Sale signs were placed outside the property boundaries and in one case the residents Mike and Phil Watkin – Jones arriving back from a holiday were horrified to find an anonymous “For Sale” sign had been placed outside their property boundary that day. Reports have been received that the residents have now placed their own signs inside their own  property boundaries proclaiming that, “This house is not for sale”.

Supporters of the Kulaksiz 5 group have issued the following statement:

“The legal problems of Kulaksiz 5 Group are now approaching a critical stage and the following information has been distributed via those groups who are showing support for the residents.

The central issue is: A Bank is claiming possession of over 3,000,000 TL, of homeowners paid for property, because of an 83,000 TL non performing loan given out to the Landowner/ Developer after the homes were completed and sold. Homeowners were not informed of this post sale – mortgage on the property they had bought.

So now Kulaksiz 5 Group are appealing for Public Support at 9am on September 19th 2012

For anyone with sympathy for those facing repossession or eviction proceedings, next Wednesday 19th September at 9am is an important time at the Lefkosa Appeal Court.

The Kulaksiz 5 Group’s Lawyers are appealing to three senior Judges to overturn a lower Court decision that allows a Bank to sell their Kulaksiz 5 Group homes before their main case is decided. The main case takes place in Girne Court on October 10th.

For those not familiar with the facts of the case they should refer to the DVD ‘A Few North Cyprus Banks Behaving Badly’, this is available for viewing on YouTube,, or from Karakum and Alsancak DVD shops”.

The Making North Cyprus Better movement who are organising this gathering to show support, have given the following advice:

All expatriates and Cypriots who wish to attend are asked to please peacefully stand outside the Court to show their support for Kulaksiz 5 Group and all property victims caught up in this mess.  To keep within TRNC law for expatriates, this will be a civilised silent protest without placards”.

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