November 30, 2023



When making your driving licence renewal application, you must now submit a copy of your current Temporary Residence stamp and your valid passport. If you do not have a current Temporary Residence stamp, renewal will be refused. I know that some of you may know of some people who were lucky enough to circumvent the requirement, but the loop hole [as the Authorities see it] has been closed.

If you are involved in a motor accident and you have been in the T R N C for more than 90 days, and driving on a U K driving licence, your insurance company may not cover the cost of damage when making a claim.


A number of you have reported when visiting the Ministry Of Interior to collect their Temporary Residence, are being offered a three [3] year duration.

We have made our applications and will be collecting our paperwork in the next two weeks. I can then confirm that this offer actually exists. Watch this space.

The best time to avoid lengthy waiting at the Girne main police station is between the hours of 0830 to 1000. The remaining times are congested due to applicants needing blood test paperwork etc. The hours of opening are 0800 through to 1530 hours. The office does not close for lunch.

It only took us fifteen [15] minutes to go through the whole process, when starting our application at 0900 hours.


Dagli Sigorta are pleased to announce that any authorised [by them] car accident repair, now carries a two [2] year warranty. This is a first in the T R N C and offers their customers even more value for money.

For more information call 0533 844 3403.

Editor’s thanks to Trevor Hughes for this very valuable and interesting information.

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