February 6, 2023

Photos of the TRNC as it was in November 1994

Since receiving a Kodak Box Brownie camera in the 1950s I have always been interested in taking photographs – even 3D ones – so it was ‘par for the course’ to be taking snaps when on our first holiday in North Cyprus in 1994.

Not many were taken in those days as one had the cost of film, developing, presentation and storage to consider. After a recent talk with the Editor of http://www.cyprusscene.com I sent him one photo from my 1994 TRNC album, just to whet his appetite, and he has asked for the story behind it; so here goes.

 Charcoal burners made BBQ fuel

As we were never the type of holidaymakers to ignore finding out about the country that we were staying in one day found us driving along the Güzelyurt to Lefke road when we saw smoke at the side of us. Being of inquisitive natures we reversed the car and found a group of Charcoal Burners hard at work in what was a scenic shot too interesting to miss taking. I am so pleased that I have these shots as since moving here the law was changed so that it now prohibits the making of charcoal on the island as there is little available wood.

The island has always needed masses of lump charcoal to feed its traditional summer barbeques using a process that consisted of piling wood on its end so as to form a conical pile with openings being left at the bottom to admit air and a central shaft to serve as a flue. The whole pile was covered with turf or moistened clay that had to be watched so as to keep extra air out which would result in a fire and no charcoal. Firing started at the bottom of the flue and gradually spread outward and upward. The success of the operation depended on the rate of combustion. I read that: ‘under average conditions, 100 parts of wood yielded about 60 parts by volume (or 25 parts by weight) of charcoal’ New World Encyclopaedia. Unfortunately this process results in deforestation which is why, in the UK, the production of charcoal is carried out using metal retorts in coppiced parts of forests that are regenerating. A TRNC government finally recognised where the making of charcoal here was leading, since these photos of the practice were taken, and made an all out ban on its production that has been well enforced.

Other photos show places that have changed between then and now – though an album borrowed from a friend that I shall upload soon shows even more interesting differences.

Bye for now.

To view ‘North Cyprus photos 1994’ click here.

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  1. Thank you and brilliant work Tony! Welcome again to cyprusscene and I know that you have many more pictorial delights to share with our readers in the months to come. Regards Chris

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