August 19, 2022

Charities and Associations we like to help and support

Anglo Turkish Association (ATA)

The Association is one of the largest non-government organisations in Northern Cyprus. It is non-profit making and aims to promote understanding and mutual respect between the expatriate community of all nationalities and the Turkish speaking communities. Membership is open to all people (who can speak English) who reside, either permanently, temporarily or for part of each year, in the TRNC.

The Association has important cultural, educational and charitable aims, it also organises social events. Throughout the year (with the exception of July and August) it organises a range of activities such as social gatherings, lectures, seminars, concerts, exhibitions and excursions (These are also open to non-members). Funds raised from these activities together with membership fees are used to fund approved projects within the community.

ATA can also be contacted by email on  or by phone on 0533 831 5614 and do visit their website for more information, click here

British Residents’ Society

The British Residents Society is a non-profit organisation that provides information, support and advice for British passport holders with property in North Cyprus.  The objects of the Society are to foster friendly relations with the people of Cyprus, to advise and assist members and to make representation on their behalf to the authorities.

The Society has direct access to the British High Commission and to Government Departments of the TRNC and enjoys their support.

The Society was established in 1975 for British Nationals who had come to live as permanent residents in North Cyprus (now the TRNC) many of whom were proud of their title ‘Ancient Brits’. There are still quite a number of these around, but also there are younger ‘Modern Brits’ now finding that the slow pace and safe atmosphere makes for a very attractive place in which to live.

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Civil Emergency Service Volunteers (CESV)

Welcome to the home of Civil Emergency Service Volunteers, known as the CESV.

CESV Badge

We are a group of highly trained volunteers from both the Turkish Cypriot and Expatriate communities that assist the emergency services and work in conjunction with the Civil Defence.

Within this site you will learn about what we do and where we originated from. There are various articles that show us at work and play. If you require any further information, please feel free to contact us. We will be glad to hear from you.

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Friends of the TRNC Emergency Services

The Association has now been running since 2011 with the aim of raising funds to assist with the purchase of equipment for TRNC hospitals and emergency services and to encourage and promote the ongoing relationship between, and to bring together, the local Cypriot community and the ex-pat community to achieve the aims of the Association.

To that end the Association organises events to raise funds for equipment and to raise the awareness of the Association.

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Help Those With Cancer Association – Tulips

We are all affected by cancer either directly or indirectly as it now seems that these days we all know someone with cancer.

Cancer will be one of the hardest battles you have ever encountered and Tulips is here to help you, irrespective of what nationality you are.

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Kyrenia Animal Rescue

Our Animal Rescue Centre high in the Besparmak Mountains provides refuge for over 200 dogs and cats. We are constantly working to maintain and improve our facilities. We employ people to run the centre, to care for the animals and in the office to manage the administration, give help and advice to the public and deal with enquiries.

The additional work is managed by volunteers which includes the collection of animals, veterinary visits, grooming, manning the charity shop, running events to raise funds, education visits, the list is endless.

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NCCCT – North Cyprus Cancer Charity Trust

The North Cyprus Cancer Charity Trust (NCCCT) was formed in the late 1980s at a time when there were very few charities on the island.  ts founder member was the late Revd Canon Arthur Rider, who served at St Andrew’s Church, Girne, Sonia Halliday and Laura Lushington.

Over the years, the NCCCT has continued to flourish and has provided much‑needed medical equipment specifically to help cancer patients in Girne State Hospital and Lefkoşa State Hospital.

To read more visit NCCCT’s Facebook page by clicking here and you can also now view their new website by clicking here.

Royal British Legion, Kyrenia Branch

The Kyrenia Branch of the Royal British Legion is the newest branch in the world. The branch was formed on the 1st October 2011 and currently has over 300 members and is one of the newest overseas branches in the world.

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 SOS Children’s Villages in North Cyprus

The SOS Children’s Village was built in Lefkosa (Nicosia) in 1993. Today, as well as the Village, they have an SOS Youth Facility, an SOS Nursery and an SOS Social Centre. In the beginning of 2007, SOS Children’s Villages started to operate a Family Strengthening Programme in Lefkosa, which enables children who are at risk of losing the care of their family to grow within a caring family environment.

In their Village, they enable children to live with a familiy in a warm and safe house and encourage them to become active members of the social community. Their abilities, interests, talents are important to us. We provide them with an education and do our best to give them the life training they need in order to become independent adults. Today we have 12 family houses that currently care for 68 children.

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Society for Protection of Turtles

SPOT was founded in the late 1980s by British expatriates Ian and Celia Bell who came together with Kutlay Keço, or Jimmy as he is fondly known to the regulars at the Grapevine restaurant in Kyrenia. In 1988 a preliminary field study was carried out by Brian Groombridge and Claire Whitmore and SPOT later made further surveys of the North Cyprus coast and found numbers of nesting green and loggerhead turtles sufficient to merit further investigation.

In the early 1990s SPOT contacted Glasgow University and in 1992 the first pioneering team of students were sent to make a thorough survey. On the basis of this expedition, Kutlay agreed to provide accommodation on his land at Alagadi, and this became the Alagadi Goat Shed and Sleeping House, which twenty years on are still used by the Marine Turtle Conservation Project (MTCP) as the hub of research and conservation of turtles in North Cyprus.

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St Andrews Church, Kyrenia

There is so much that can be said of St Andrews Church, Kyrenia, so we wrote a review about the church and the people involved and their activities. To read more and view a video click here

You may also like to visit their website click here and Facebook page click here where you can read so much more.

The Foreign Residents in the TRNC

The Foreign Residents in the TRNC (TFR) was registered in July 1998 in accordance with paragraph 12 of the Clubs Registration Law of the TRNC and has members from 17 countries.

TFR participate in the maintenance of the international cemeteries and have weekly meetings where members come together for social reasons as well as exchanging helpful information.

TFR also arrange for it’s members, interesting Talks,  Conferences,Travel and Trips to both TRNC and other locations.

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The Little Society of Kyrenia

The Little Society of Kyrenia is set up to be a grant making philanthropicproject to support local causes and charities in North Cyprus which we believe to be deserving of help, and which is to be a force for good, following the aims of the recently registered charitable trust set up in U.K and known as The Little Society.

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