December 4, 2023

Readers mail….

From Steve Collard…..CESV/112….

We are pleased to say CESV 112 has been allowed to continue to do first aid courses at the Civil Defence (Sivil Savunma) building in Girne near the Baldöken carpark and we are looking for volunteers to join the group for training schools, offices, and business premises as well as everyday first aid.

Steve Collard

The first course will take place on Monday the 30th of October 2023 starting time 09.30 am until about 11.30 am. This is a basic course that will introduce you to practicing CPR and dealing with the signs and symptoms of stroke, and household injuries including cuts and burns.

CESV/112 is a registered charity and registered with the Girne district office and the TRNC Health Ministry. If you are interested in coming along please message us at the address below.

All we ask is that you leave a donation to the group which will be used to continue to buy equipment for the TRNC emergency services.

There will be further courses coming up, but there is a major TRNC training event planned with the military and civil defence in November so look out for December dates which we will publish as soon as possible.

To learn more of CESV/112 volunteers please visit their Facebook page

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