September 22, 2023

A conference was held at Levent College on the occasion of November 25, Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. With this date, an effort was made to draw attention to violence against women and girls in order to raise awareness. As future adults and prospective parents, students were asked to be advocates of this issue and to put a stop to all forms of violence.

The chairman and members of the non-governmental organisation KAYAD, which was established in 1998 to prevent all kinds of discrimination against women and to strengthen the profile of women in society and ensure gender equality, attended the conference as guests. President of KAYAD, Ms. Meral Akıncı first told what non-governmental organisation means, the story of the establishment of their associations and their activities. Akıncı gave information about the existence, causes and types of violence in our country and presented statistical data analysis. The live stories of the women supported by the association revealed that violence is not far from us.

KAYAD President Meral Akıncı explained that violence against women is a social problem and that its solution can only be achieved with social awareness and effort. Right and wrong behaviour was discussed. She listened to the students’ opinions and answered their questions.

The interest shown by the students attending the conference gave hope and happiness to both us and our guests, who are members of the KAYAD Non-Governmental Organisation.

Source (Turkish): Levent  College


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