We will not let our rights be violated in Eastern Mediterranean

Prime Minister Ersin Tatar said: “Turkey and the TRNC are protecting their own rights in the Eastern Mediterranean, and we will never let our rights be violated. Cooperating with Turkey in protecting our rights in the Eastern Mediterranean is our principle.

Minister Tatar made evaluations to an AA correspondent on the current issues.

He stated that Turkey’s claim regarding ‘Blue Homeland’ had gained more importance in recent years, and noted that the TRNC always moves together with Turkey in this respect.

Tatar said: “As the Turkish authorities have stated, we confirm that we do not intend to give an inch of land, and not even an inch of water in the Blue Homeland. The issue is national and larger than it seems.”

Ersin Tatar continued: “If we did not carry out this struggle with Turkey, our claims in Cyprus would be much underestimated and the Turkish Cypriot presence in Cyprus would be terminated. As the TRNC, we have a right of participation in the Blue Homeland and we are in cooperation with Turkey to protect our rights and interests.”

Stating that no one should accept the Greek Cypriot-Greek bilateral diplomatic abuse, Tatar noted that the EU should continue all discussions and meetings within the framework of justice and lasting peace with Turkey.

Source: TRNC Public Information Office