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It’s been 1 year since the flood disaster in the TRNC

We noted a thought provoking posting, as under, on the Lapta Belediyesi Facebook page and pray we do not see the horrendous flooding return again and that other Belediyesi and organisations have also prepared to avoid this possibility.

“The results of the flood disaster have caused heavy damage in many areas of Northern Cyprus, especially the areas of the past. We wish God’s mercy to our young people who lost their lives again and all our people who are affected by the disaster.

In the flood disaster, we worked to reduce our wounds with our own opportunities, with the financial contributions and also voluntary support of our citizens night and day. We would like to thank again our administration, all our citizens, special organisations and our staff who worked so hard.

During the past years, we have tried to take positive measures by doing the necessary river cleaning, road repair work and hope we don’t experience these floods again.”

 Source: Lapta Belediyesi