Yavuz vessel to start drilling in Eastern Mediterranean

The Yavuz drilling vessel starts drilling tomorrow (8th October) in the southwest of Cyprus within Turkey’s continental shelf.

In his statement on Twitter, General Director of Bilateral Political Affairs and Maritime-Aviation Border under the Turkish Foreign Ministry, Çağatay Erciyes, stated that the vessel will begin a new drilling operation tomorrow.

Erciyes stated that the drilling will be carried out within Turkey’s continental shelf which is registered with the United Nations and in the licence field that the Turkish government had already mentioned in the Official Gazette in 2012.

Stressing that the Greek Cypriot administration have usurped the rights of Turkey and the TRNC since 2003, Erciyes stated that Turkey does not recognize the claims of South Cyprus on maritime borders with regard to the continental shelf and exclusive economic zones.

Erciyes also indicated that the claims of South Cyprus showing these areas as the EU waters or borders is a violation of international law.

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  1. We wish them very successful findings.
    May Tarı be with them and Whole off Cypriots.