Burcu: “Anastasiades continues his erroneous attitude”

Presidential Spokesperson Barış Burcu said that in his statement to Associated Press, the Greek Cypriot Leader Nikos Anastasiades defined the Cyprus problem as a minority-majority relationship and he continues his erroneous attitude.

“The Cyprus problem will not be resolved by being considered as a relationship of minority-majority but will be resolved by considering the two sides being politically equal. The Greek Cypriot leadership should adopt this reality which has been a UN parameter for a long period of time, as soon as possible” Burcu stressed.

In his written statement, stressing that Anastasiades claimed that the principle of active participation in the decisions and one ‘yes’ vote has been brought to the agenda by imposition of Turkey, Burcu stressed that Anastasiades is trying to distort the facts.

“Political equality and active participation in decisions has always been the proposal of the Turkish Cypriots. This proposal, which is supported by Turkey, is also a UN parameter. This is one of the basic concepts about which a consensus has been reached at the negotiations. The principle of one ‘yes’ vote at the Council of Ministers is also a consensus already reached between the two sides”.

Furthermore, Burcu stressed that the Greek Cypriot leader acts against the UN decisions and past agreements and disregards the political equality of the Turkish Cypriots.

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  1. …but is is a question of minorities, when it comes to their treatment, isn’t it?

    Are there no minorities in Cyprus, north or south? And in either constituency, how practical is it to imagine a future for either, without minorities?

    …it is exactly the right question, if Cypriots are something more than, just, “Greeks”and “Turks”, if they represent themselves as People and as Human beings.

  2. My regret is that the present border of TRNC should have included Larnaca and Hala Sultan Tekkesi.
    With One of the British Bases totally included British Government would not have been over ready to recognise the South as Legitimate.
    The only problem with our Culture is that we always try to be fair instead of assertive.
    This would definitely have reduced the size of our present day and past difficulties But I would love to reiterate that this scenario isn’t beyond rewriting.