December 6, 2023

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Kudret Özersay stated that there was no extraordinary situation in Çatalköy and life has returned to normal.

A Crisis Desk, has been set up about the explosion in Çatalköy, and some decisions have been made.  Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Kudret Özersay announced the decisions taken.

Özersay said that the use of fireworks and similar activities in the region will be prohibited as of this weekend, and added that in respect of a part of the region that is allowed for hunting it has been decided that this will be closed to hunting in the future.

Regarding injured people Özersay stated that only two foreign national people were injured, one of them had a sprained foot, and the other is being treated for cuts to the arms and feet.

Özersay also noted that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs had contacted the representatives in Cyprus of 16 different countries and provided information about their citizens.

Stating that the military team has been continuing work together with a search team and a bomb squad team in the event of the possibility of unexploded objects, Özersay said that a new search will be carried out with a team which has come from Turkey within 24 hours.

Calling for and warning residents in the vicinity of the blast zone to report any debris from the explosion they may come across, Özersay stated that regarding any object which may be found everyone should give information to the following telephone numbers: 0548 866 1488, 0548 865 7854, 0548 844 7042, 0548 874 7042.

Özersay stated that camera images will be examined to try and establish the cause of the explosion.

Indicating that it was not the whole ammunition which exploded, but only a part of it, and an important part of the ammunition was not damaged, Özersay said that there is no extraordinary situation, life has returned to normal, and tourists continue to come and visit.

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