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Tulips Blister Sisters take advice on foot care for their mega walk

By Chris Elliott..

I well remember going with Margaret Sheard to the Tulips (Help Those with Cancer Association) offices in Lefkoşa to meet the Blister Sisters when they gave news of their special event for Pink October 2019.

Sue Tilt, Lynda Hillard, Carole King, and Auriana Stevens

So, all was revealed.  These 4 ladies, who are staunch supporters of Tulips  (Sue and Carole having supported the cause for some 9 years), are undertaking the mammoth task of walking some 200 kilometers, the route being Girne to Gazimağusa to Lefkoşa then back to Girne.   The “Trail of 3 Cities” will start at 10.30am on Wednesday 16th October at Cafe George in Girne, arriving in Gazimağusa on Friday 18th October, then to Lefkoşa on Monday 21st October and back to Cafe George in Girne on Tuesday 22nd October.

I remember saying to Margaret at the time that their task is going to be so hard and more so on their feet and she said perhaps they should seek advice from Amanda Perry-Harding the chiropodist/podiatrist at Nulten Oral in Alsancak as she does wonders with my feet and this idea was shared with the Blister Sisters.

So on Friday 26th July whilst Margaret was making our weekly e-newspaper I went along to meet the Blister Sisters and Amanda Perry-Harding in her treatment room where I sat fascinated as I listened intently to her talking in-depth about foot care advice for distance walking.   

This mainly concentrated on blisters – prevention and treatment as this will include and cover most other relevant problems encountered when walking/hiking long distances 


Discussed causes of blisters.

  • Pressure.
  • Heat/friction.
  • Moisture.

Discussed preventative measures and the risk of blistering

  • How to correctly fit boots/footwear.
  • Socks; materials and fitting.
  • Keep the feet dry, products etc.
  • How to toughen soft skin.

How and when to deal with a blister if one does occur.


How to look after the toenails and keep them healthy.

After each day’s walk

How to prepare for the next day after walking all day.

For those readers who would like to know more about foot care please contact Amanda Perry-Harding MCpod, SRCh, DPodM on 0533 836 8972 or by email on

For the Blister Sisters, a Facebook page has been set up called Blister Sisters Walking 4 Tulips, sponsorship forms will be available or donations can be made to  To read more of this event visit the Facebook page by clicking here 

The average age of these amazing 4 ladies is 61½ years and they aim to cover 30 kilometers each day, so between now and the 16th October they will all be in training for this major feat.  We have nothing but admiration for what these ladies have set themselves to do to support Tulips in their never-ending battle to help cancer patients.