TRNC Air Space is extremely safe

The Air Traffic Controller Unit of the TRNC Civil Aviation Department has been serving safely and will continue to serve in Ercan Recommended Airspace which has been within the scope of ICAO rules since 21st March 1977 with its well trained personnel and technical equipment.

ERCAN AVIATION SERVICES; Air Traffic Service, Aviation Information Services, Communication, Navigation and Surveillance Services are provided in the best possible way.

All of our civil aviation personnel receive their training in full within the framework of international rules and offer the best service to the aviation sector.

The previous 20 per day traffic to and from Ercan Airport has been replaced by an average of 100 traffic per day, and the number of transit flights has reached 600-900 per day. These increases have been achieved thanks to our personnel and the quality of service they provide.

All of these improvements have been achieved through our trained staff who have contributed from the past to the present and are actively working today.

This success has been shown to our neighbours through our personnel and equipment, but has been systematically turned into a smear campaign against Ercan Aviation Services and Ercan Recommended Airspace for a long period of time. It is obvious that there is misleading reporting through every channel they find of technical inadequacy and capability by those attempting to discredit the Air Traffic Control facilities of our country.  The fact that transit traffic passing through our air space insistently demanding a secure transit service from the Ercan tower, is an indicator of this success.

Those who make the statement about insecure Ercan Recommended Airspace know very well that our Air Traffic Control Management Centre, and especially our trained and competent staff, is very reliable.

Our internal personnel perform their jobs in the best possible way without mixing politics within the framework of the rules.

Our country has been serving in a manner that is aware of the negativities and probabilities that have been experienced for years around our country. Our personnel receive training within this framework.  Based on the recent incident, we consider the efforts of our neighbour which is very far behind our level, implying insecure Ercan Recommended Airspace, as a futile effort and we feel the need to remind once again;  We are aware of the incidents occurring in our region, our competent staff provides the best air traffic service to thousands of passengers passing through our airspace, both in the landings and departures of Ercan, and will continue to provide the best air traffic service.

“We wish you safe flights”

Source: Ministry of Public Works and Transportation

Directorate of Civil Aviation