Özersay: “TRNC government has not taken a decision to open Maraş”

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Kudret Özersay stated that the government has not taken a decision to open Maraş but an inventory study is planned within Maraş.

Answering the questions of A Haber, Özersay made statements to the press on the issue of Yavuz drilling vessel departing to the Mediterranean and the decisions of the government regarding Maraş.

Özersay stressed “The TRNC government has not taken a decision to open Maraş. The decision taken at this stage is to make an inventory study within Maraş. The government has not decided to give Maraş to anyone, or to open it under the control of the UN or the TRNC government. We as the government want to see the results at the end of the inventory study in order to shape our future policy. We have a principle on this issue. We will take steps without prejudice to the property rights of former owners and the Foundation Administration”.

Furthermore, Özersay stressed that Greek Cypriot side will try to create an atmosphere as if the properties of former owners are disregarded so we should not fall into this trap.

Evaluating the Yavuz drilling vessel departing to the Mediterranean, Özersay said “In 2011, we signed the Continental Shelf Restriction Agreement with Turkey. As the Greek Cypriot side gave licenses to some companies, we gave license to the Turkish Petroleum Corporation. We conducted seismic research. We expressed to the Greek Cypriot side that we will start drilling if they start drilling, so we began drilling and will continue.