June 30, 2022

By Chris Elliott….

When you have a very busy life, when you have time to go away somewhere and relax perhaps we all want different things but for Margaret Sheard and I when we went away for a weekend to attend a wedding we found that the bride and groom had booked us into an idyllic small hotel, the Glaro Garden Hotel in Dipkarpaz.

Idyllic, yes and in the still warm air of the evening when you could almost hear your heart softly beating with the occasional calling of night birds and the odd vehicle in the distance. Sheer bliss.

During the day it was so nice just to look into the adjoining land to the hotel and see a cow and a goat doing what they like doing amongst all of the wild flowers, just eating and resting as we did with great delight in the Glaro Garden Hotel

Esat with his dog Pasha

This is a family hotel and we created interest for 2 small boys on their bikes when we first arrived who when we said hello to them they responded in a flow of cheerful Turkish that we could only smile and nod to.

On Saturday evening when we called back at the hotel for a change of clothes we met one of the brothers Esat Cebi who proudly showed us his huge Kangal dog Pasha which ignored us completely and was happily dashing around. 

We spent quite some time over the weekend talking to Murat Cebi whose family own the hotel, which was built some 10 years ago and is in an ideal position to drive the short distance down to the sea and Ayios Philon Kasa Beach and ruins of the ancient church and other tourist attractions.  

Glaro Garden Hotel was built using sandstone and looks very traditional and in keeping with the area with individual guest accommodation buildings which were spacious and nicely furnished and set in sublime tranquil gardens within a unique setting, we were very comfortable and enjoyed every minute of our stay.  

L to R – Margaret and Murat and Leyla and Murat

We also met Murat’s father Hasan, his sister Leyla who produced a delicious breakfast, they were a lovely family who were very welcoming and attentive.  We would certainly stay with them again. 

We noticed Murat made a point of seeing guests off when they had packed their luggage into their vehicles, and he did the same when we were ready to leave.  In fact he jumped into our car and I thought for a moment he was about to drive away.  This is such a nice touch and shows the warm and friendly approach which is not a very common experience nowadays.

For more information visit Glaro Garden Hotel webpage and Facebook

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