Film Therapy Workshop at Near East University

By Ahmet Abdulaziz ….

The Near East University recently organised a film Therapy workshop at the Barrier-free Cinema and Activity Centre located in the Faculty of Communication of NEU.

The workshop was conducted by Kerem Kaban who is the only film therapist of Turkey.  Film Therapy is a method used in supporting cognitive-behavioural approaches and used as a complementary treatment in psychological problems.

The therapy, while on the one hand facilitates understanding the cognitive structure of a person with stories, myths, jokes, and movies that use metaphors similar to dreams, on the other hand helps to repair the missing parts of an individual by imitating the behaviour followed in the film.

Kerem Kaban, Yaşar University faculty member and film therapist, met the disabled individuals as part of the workshop. 

Individuals participating in the therapy, recorded scenarios written by them with camera during 3 days with Kerem Kaban.  Records made during the activity will be shared in the following days.