Şenol Özdevrim Exhibition at Girne Municipality Art Gallery

A Reflection Painting and Ceramics Exhibition by the artist Şenol Özdevrim commemorating his wife Tijen Özdevrim, was opened with a ceremony.

The exhibition, which consists of 34 paintings and 12 sculptures, brought to life by various techniques and materials, can be visited at Girne Municipality Art Gallery, during working hours until 30 March.

Speaking at the opening of the exhibition Şenol Özdevrim, said after losing his wife,  Tijen Ozdevrim, 5 years ago he had a very difficult time expressing art and affection. He said that everyone should recognise the value of their loved ones and recommended to wrap and hug them tightly.

Mahpeyker Yönsel, an artist teaching faculty member at the Faculty of Fine Arts Design and Architecture at Tekirdağ Namık Kemal University, stated that he was honoured to be the curator of Şenol Özdevrim’s exhibition.

In his speech, Girne Mayor Nidai Güngördü pointed out that the artist is one of the most important examples of how the Turkish Cypriots can achieve very important production and work in the field of art. Nidai Güngördı stated that there is tolerance, peace and fraternity in the place where art is, and he expressed his belief that a life intertwined with art will enrich the country further.