December 9, 2023
  1. Erhürman: “There is an understanding on the Greek Cypriot side that time passes in their favour” ….
  2. İrsen Küçük passed away ….
  3. Martyrs of Malya village commemorated ….
  4. Paphos Resistance and martyrs commemorated ….

Erhürman: “There is an understanding on the Greek Cypriot side that time passes in their favour”

Prime Minister Tufan Erhürman stated that the Greek Cypriot Administration tries to extend the Cyprus negotiation process with the belief that the time passes in their favour.

Erhürman answered the questions of AA correspondent in London where he is visiting in order to make a series of contacts.

Stating that always there is an understanding on the Greek Cypriot side that time passes in their favour, Erhürman said that the Greek Cypriot leader Nikos Anastasiades also expresses this in a very concrete way. That’s why we as the Turkish Cypriot side and the Republic of Turkey are decisive not to give an opportunity for such a thing.

Indicating that both the Turkish Cypriot side and Turkey will not accept starting the Cyprus negotiations over from scratch, Erhürman said: “We do not think that this will support the will for a solution. This is an approach that will extend the process and imprison us in an uncertain process.”

Pointing out that the Turkish Cypriots put forward their will for a solution by voting ‘yes’ at the Annan Plan referendum in 2004, Erhürman said yet after 2004, unfortunately, in spite of the fact that Turkish Cypriots said ‘yes’, and the Greek Cypriots said ‘no’, the process did not work in favour of the Turkish Cypriots in the medium term.

Underlining that in spite of this, the Turkish Cypriots and the Republic of Turkey continue to search for a solution to the Cyprus problem as soon as possible, Erhürman added:

 “This process has moved us to Crans Montana. The Turkish Cypriot side and the Turkish Republic put forth a serious will to reach a fair and permanent solution but the Greek Cypriot side, mainly Anastasiades, showed that they were not ready for a solution in Crans Montana”.

Pointing out that after the Crans Montana process, the Greek Cypriot Leader started to put forth different concepts, Erhürman said that for the first time the Greek Cypriot side gave some messages to the authorities that a two state solution and a confederation could also be discussed. He initiated the discussion of loose federation or decentralized federation open to the public opinion. Erhürman also added that after Crans Montana, the Turkish Cypriot side has given the message that if the negotiations resume, the process should be result oriented and based on a calendar and said that this was also stated in the report of the UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres and has also become the official position of the UN.

İrsen Küçük passed away

Former Member of Parliament, Minister and Prime Minister of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus İrsen Küçük passed away yesterday morning (10 March 2019) as a result of coronary failure. Irsen Küçük will be buried following a state ceremony which will be organized at TRNC Assembly on Wednesday (13 March 2019).


Martyrs of Malya village commemorated

Martyrs of Malya Village were commemorated in Aydınköy village yesterday (10 March 2019).

The ceremony was held at Malya Martyrdom in Aydınköy where wreaths were laid, a minute’s silence was observed and flags were raised. A speech regarding significance of the day was delivered by the retired school director Mahir Akyüz who gave information about the resistance in 1964 in Malya village and underlined the importance of peace and security in Cyprus following the 1974 Peace Operation of motherland Turkey to the island.

Paphos Resistance and martyrs commemorated

Paphos Resistance and martyrs were commemorated with ceremonies in Güzelyurt on 9 March 2019.

A ceremony was organised in front of the Paphos Martyrs Monument for those who fell martyrs on 9 March 1964 during their struggle for freedom.

The representative of Veteran Paphos Solidarity Association Türkay Tokel gave a speech in which he expressed the meaning and importance of the day, adding that 9th March is not an ordinary day on the calendar but the symbol of the resistance showed by a handful of people against the Greek Cypriot and Greek forces.

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