All TRNC vehicles must be fitted with the new style number plate


We published a reminder this week for our local readers to ensure their vehicles are fitted with the new number plates by 31st January and one reader asked “Does this include Classic Cars which currently have to have a black plate?

We have consulted with the ministry and they have confirmed that all vehicles must be fitted with the new style number plates and we show their poster showing designs of all new style number plates alongside their original news statement about the regulation.

Deadline to change the TRNC Licence Plates set as 31 January 2019

The deadline for changing the licence plate of vehicles had been set as 31 January 2019, with a change in the regulation by the Council of Ministers decision.

The deadline for changing vehicle licence plates had been moved to an earlier date to enable the speed cameras to recognise the licence plates that will show the identity of the vehicle.

Vehicle owners are given until January 31, 2019 to change their vehicles licence plate according to the amended regulation.

Those who fail to do so will be subject to a fine.

The new licence plates for privately owned vehicles consists of a white background, with embossed black letters and numbers, and a blue stripe on the left, which must contain the stamp of the Motor Vehicles Registrar and the registration number of the licence plate manufacturers.

Vehicle owners who have not changed their licence plates are advised to do so before January 31, 2019 from licence plate manufacturers authorised by the Traffic Department of the Ministry of Public Works and Transportation.

Source:  TRNC Ministry of Public Works and Transportation