December 3, 2022


By Trevor Hughes……

MOT Late Renewal Charge

The current charge for an MOT is 186TL. The penalty for late testing will now cost 275TL which includes the test fee.

Vehicle Security

According to a recent survey, Cyprus has been voted one of the safest countries in the world. Although crime is very low here, reported crime has shot up by over 50%, according to Chief Justice Narin Sefik. This applies to personal attacks, car crime and home break ins.

The Government are therefore keen to promote the TRNC as a low crime country in which to visit, live and enjoy. We all have our part to play, you can’t just sit back and let the Authorities do it all. The police are informing the general public to think about vehicle security and always lock the car when leaving it parked and to put valuables in a locked boot. During dark periods, park the car in a well-lit area which will go some way in deterring a would-be thief.

If your car is left unlocked or the keys left in the ignition and items are stolen from the car, or even the vehicle itself is stolen, your insurance policy becomes invalid and any claim made will not be honoured.

Home security is also vital, we should not go out leaving windows wide open, enticing would be thieves to steal from you.

Vehicle Log Book Additions/Alterations

To make any change to your vehicle log book can be an experience in itself. Going to the office in Lefkosa can mean up to a five-hour marathon. It can be a very frustrating experience due to the number of people waiting to be seen. If this is not for you, Capital Insurance in Alsancak has the answer. For a small fee we will do the whole process for you and your documents will be returned on the same day. For more information call into the bank and ask for Mary.

In’s and Out’s Price increase

The price of getting your “in’s and out’s” from a main police station has gone up to an 18-lira stamp

TRNC Driving Licence Application for “First Timer’s”

Since we started to offer a new licence application service, we have processed over 150 applications, which is only the “tip of the iceberg” trying to get people to drive legally by way of a TRNC licence.

Last week a female driver was stopped by police on one their routine roadside checks. She was asked if she owned the TRNC registered car she was driving and did she possess a TRNC licence. When she said YES I own it and  “No, I am only here for eight weeks” the police officer fined her and told her to make an immediate application for one. Goes to show the so called “know it all’s” who say you do not need one, don’t know what they are talking about!!

Plastic Bag Charge

The TRNC Government wish to play their part in trying to eradicate the effect plastic is having on the world environment. With effect from December 1st this year, you will have to pay for plastic shopping bags supplied by all supermarkets and most shops for their use, the amount charged is to be decided by the Attorney General’s Office.

The bags will no longer be given out for promotions and campaigns either. It is hoped members of the public will play their part when disposing of their rubbish into appropriate rubbish bins and the Belediyesi play their part in emptying full bins quickly. This will give visitors the impression that our Country is indeed a green and pleasant land which to visit time and time again and take away the dangers plastic is having on our environment, seriously.

Free Courtesy Car

Because I needed to have my car repaired [non-accidental claim] which took three days to obtain the necessary parts and the repairs to be completed, I needed a car for the period it was off the road. Under the terms of my policy, a car was supplied by Capital Insurance, absolutely free of charge.

This is a facility for customers of Capital Insurance [terms and conditions apply] offering this valuable facility, at no extra cost. For more details call 0533 844 3403 or call into Capital Bank in Alsancak.

To make any car claim even more speedy, Capital Insurance will have their very own courtesy car located at their Alsancak branch waiting for the customer to collect and get on living the life for which they came here!

Alcoholic Beverages

You may find the price of alcoholic drinks are considerably more expensive now. This is due to the Government hiking the level of tax, and the effect the weak lira is having. We were out recently and were charged 25TL for a local gin and tonic, seems I may have to go tee-total!!!

Temporary Residence

There is an additional process for first time applications and people under the age of 60 years which you must follow when applying for Temporary Residence!!

When making your application you need to follow this system to make it successful.

  1. Obtain an in’s and out’s record from the office in the main police station. Don’t forget to take an 18TL postage stamp with you.
  2. Hand over all the relevant documents to the police officer in the office next door.
  3. If all the documents are in order, the officer will give you a form which you need to take to the Interior Ministry in Lefkosa. The staff member will complete the form and put an official rubber stamp on it. [this is the new addition]
  4. Return to the police station from where you started the process and hand over the form which was stamped at the Ministry, and in return they will give you a form for having your bloods taken and the name of the laboratory taking the blood samples.
  5. Go to the Koop Bank in Girne and pay the fee.
  6. Go to the laboratory for the blood tests and show them your receipt of payment. Then return three days later to collect the results. Do not open the envelope, because if you do you will have to be re-tested.
  7. After approximately six weeks go to the Interior Ministry for your application to be completed, taking with you your passport. You must also take the fee for payment, or credit card.

Car Insurance

Because of the high cost of accident repair, the fall in the value of the Turkish Lira and the number of claims caused by traffic offences, insurance premiums sold by all providers have been increased.

Out of 86 road traffic accidents which occurred in the TRNC between October 15 -21, one was fatal. During this period, 25 accidents occurred while driving a car, 19 because of failing to stop at an intersection, 17 accidents from driving too close to the car in front and 15 due to careless driving. All this adds up to a staggering amount of money insurance providers have to pay out.

The minimum charged by ALL insurance provider’s premiums for third-party is now 450TL. The minimum cost for fully comprehensive insurance is £150. There are no exceptions and all providers must comply. By saying this, some providers charge in excess of these minimums whilst giving reduced services.

If you purchase anything and value is important to you, shop around and see what you can get for your money, it makes sense!

Property Tax

After December, property tax rates which you pay to your Belediyesi in the first quarter of each year is to be increased, according to the square meterage of your property and will include swimming pools. The increase in the amount of tax will be decided in the coming weeks.

Cash Machines

Some automated cash machines are charging up to 3.5% on the amount being withdrawn, which is nothing short of daylight robbery!! Why not pop into Capital Bank in Alsancak and find out how you can avoid these scandalous charges.

Turkish Visa

You cannot apply for a Turkish visa when landing in Turkey anymore. The Turkish Authorities are closing down the kiosks in all airports where you used to make an application upon landing and before entry into Turkey. You must now apply on line to the official the Republic of Turkey’s e-visa web site up to three months before you travel for a cost of $20 and lasts for 90 days within a 180-day period. Passport control will inspect the visa before allowing entry into the Country. There are some other sites to be found but you will end up paying considerably more.


A customer needed to replace her car battery the other day, the price for the small sized 12v replacement was 380TL. That’s inflation for you

Car for sale

One of our customers is selling their car which is a Honda CRV Estate, engıne sıze 1997cc. Model year 2010.

Valued at  £12,000. Wıll accept cırca £9750. Call Karen on 0533 872 5007.

Bayram Holidays

There are two Bayram holidays this month where Government/Local Government offices, Schools and Banks are closed for each of the days. They are:

  1. Thursday November the 15th, Turkish Republic day.
  2. Tuesday November the 20th, Mohammad’s birthday.

For any further information please email me through the contact box below.

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