Two musical events coming to the Naci Talat Vakfı Centre, Lefkoşa


By Ahmet Abdulaziz………

The Naci Talat Vakfı is organising two musical events for the music lovers of the TRNC.

The first one is scheduled to start at 8.30 PM on Monday 30th April, where Püren Eda Gözer and Yuliya Starostenkova will present a recital on Cello and piano.

Then another Ledra Ensemble concert is due for the 9th May, where music lovers will be able to enjoy the performances of Atakan Sarı on Piano, Meltem Özarı and Pamir Kolat on flute and Püren Eda Göser on Violencello.

The concert is expected to start at 8.30 PM at the Naci Talat Vakfı building in Lefkoşa.

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