Erhürman: “Acceptance of Turkish Cypriots’ political equality is “indispensable”

Prime Minister Tufan Erhürman has stated that the leader of the Greek Cypriot Administration Nicos Anastasiades should recognize that acceptance of the political equality of Turkish Cypriots is indispensable to the negotiation process.

Erhürman attended the joint press conference after bilateral and inter-delegation meetings with Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım within the framework of his contact schedule at the Çankaya Palace in Ankara.

Erhürman emphasized that Anastasiades’ statements on the hydrocarbon issue show that he does not yet have a clear view on the status of Turkish Cypriots. He also said that the Greek Cypriot leader’s comments after his re-election did not contribute to efforts to resume the negotiation process.

The Prime Minister stressed that Turkish Cypriots not only have a right to receive a share of the island’s natural resources, but are also one of the key decision makers about these resources. Prime Minister Erhürman indicated that the concept of the Turkish Cypriots’ political equality is a key factor in these ideas.

Erhürman said, “We share an awareness with Turkey of the importance of political equality for the Turkish Cypriots. We know that any settlement which does not guarantee the political equality of Turkish Cypriots will not be sustainable.”

Expressing that Turkish Cypriots are eager to open up to the world, Erhürman said: “Even if there is no legal recognition, our people’s recognition is extremely important to us. Participating in international sports competitions, freedom of trade with other countries, and taking part in global art and cultural life are all aspects of our human rights. We also need the support of Turkey.”