This Weeks Sport Quiz and the “Stinker” for 15th December

By Richard Beale………………….

Below are 5 Sports questions the answer can be found in the next page of the CyprusScene.com Enewspaper. The answer to this weeks “Stinker” you will find in next weeks Sports quiz. – No cheating please !.

Q 1 –  Who ran the first 4 minute mile in 1954 ? – easy!, but who finished second ?.

Q 2 –  What is the maximum number of clubs that can be used in a Golf tournament ?.

Q 3    Former footballer Eric Cantona famously Kung fu kick was aimed at a fan of

          which football club in 1985 ?.

Q 4 – Who is England’s Rugby Union leading try scorer ?.

Q 5 –  In the 1981 film Escape to Victory which actor played in goal for the

          Allied prisoners of war team against the German guards. ?


      This Weeks “Stinker” Question.

       There are 11 ways that a batsman can be dismissed at cricket, name them ?.

       Answer to last weeks “Stinker”

       England used 15 players in the entire 1966 World Cup tournament. They were:

       Gordon Banks, George Cohen, Ray Wilson, Nobby Stiles, Jack Charlton,

       Bobby Moore, Alan Ball, Bobby Charlton, Martin Peters, Roger Hunt and

       Geoff Hurst. These played in the Final as we all know.

       Jimmy Greaves played 3 times in the qualifying rounds before getting injured.

       3 wingers were used and played in just  one match John Connelly, Terry Paine and   

       Ian Callaghan, before Sir Alf decided to play without wingers.