The restoration work of the historic Morphou Train Station has started from the icons of Cyprus and Güzelyurt. In the first stage, it will be restored by preserving the original condition of the Gulf Railway.

Restoration of Güzelyurt Railway Station, which has been idle for many years and is not now used for its original purpose, will be completed in a short time.

Steps were taken for the restoration of the Güzelyurt Train Station, located on the line of the “3rd Güzelyurt-Evrykhou” line, which was built during the British Colonial period.

Minister of Tourism and Environment, Fikri Ataoglu, said that the railway operated during the British Colonial period for 46 years and Güzelyurt Train Station was closed on 31st December 1951.

The Ministry of Tourism and Environment went out to tender for the repair and restoration of the Railway Station. The tenderer has started work on repair and restoration. All parts of the station, including the collapsed walls, rotting doors and windows, are being repaired. it is planned to complete the work of the intended museum in a short time.   The people of Güzelyurt  are very pleased that this work is being undertaken.

After the completion of the tender process, Ataoglu, who was at the train station, said that the first phase of the work is to be completed in two stages starting with the station, and  the roof, which was being restored, preserving its original state.    Ataoğlu said that Guzelyurt is trying to get a share of tourism, and the historical train station will be of great interest to tourists and the city.

Ataoğlu, explained about the restoration work, and stated that the original roof of the Train Station was significantly damaged.

It was noted by Ataoğlu that the buildings and roof are undergoing assessment to determine the extent of the damage and a protective roof and pier has been erected for the work to be carried out, which it is intended will be using the finest detail and as much original material as possible in the restoration work.