January 29, 2023

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From Kim Betts…

KAR have just been informed of increases in vet costs for both KAR and members of the public. These increases were not notified in advance – only once 13 cats had been collected, by the KAR cat catchers, and were taken to the vet for neutering! KAR were told then that they would be charged at the new price!

The increases for KAR and other charities/organisations (the % increases to members of the public are not yet known to KAR) are ASTOUNDING:-

  • Costs for spaying female cats have increased by 68.5%
  • Costs for neutering male cats have increased by 100%
  • Costs for spaying female dogs (from the centre) have increased by 73%
  • Costs for neutering male dogs (from the centre) have increased by 68.5%
  • In addition, other veterinary procedures and treatments have also increased.

KAR has limited funds for all neutering and these MASSIVE increases will MASSIVELY reduce the numbers of neutering operations that KAR can afford to fund. KAR cat catching will be MASSIVELY reduced, as KAR will not be able to afford the same number of operations at such an increased price.

Neutering/Spaying of dogs who come into the Centre MUST continue – it is a basic need in rescue centres – not to do so would have horrific effects.

That is without the other vet processes for which KAR will now have to pay more for.

  • Where is the justification in such massive increases?
  • Where is the encouragement to have animals (owned or otherwise) neutered?
  • Where is the authorities’ commitment to reducing the number of strays in TRNC?
  • What incentive is there for owners on low incomes to have their own pets neutered?

KAR are incensed and dismayed – and will be taking all of the issues such increases create to the Veterinary Association and the Government Authorities.

Kyrenia Animal Rescue rely solely on donations for funding, please help us to help the animals of Northern Cyprus .
Adopt. Volunteer, Feed, Sponsor, Donate, Love – our animals want all of these but would be happy with just one of them

Website http://www.kartrnc.org Tel 009 0533 8694098
Bank Details: HSBC UK: 40-21-02
Account Number 11364812
IBAN – GB94HBUK40210211364812

2 thoughts on “KAR (Kyrenia Animal Rescue) informed of increases in vet costs!

  1. Good luck. They have no thought for the consequences of such price rises. They should be offering reductions to encourage neutering.

    1. Thank you Carole for your comment and we await further updates from KAR for publication on our website and then we will share it with the publisher of the new Cyprus Scene newspaper

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