My surprise birthday treat at Al Shaheen Indian Restaurant in Karakum

By Chris Eliott…….

Muhammad Imtiaz Ahm

It’s never been my desire to celebrate my birthdays and this year it was no exception as at the last minute I said to my partner Margaret, OK lets go out and have a meal rather than cooking at home of having a take away.

So off we went to Al Shaheen Indian Restaurant in Karakum, Girne to be greeted by Muhammad Imtiaz Ahmed and his staff and we chatted to Imtaz about many things and Margaret casually mentioned it was my birthday and had decided to come to our favourite restaurant to have a nice meal together.

We then sat and enjoyed our chosen starter and main meal and as we sat and chatted afterwards there was a commotion with Imtiaz and his friends clustering round us singing “Happy Birthday to You” and placing on the table a big chocolate cake that he had been out to buy in the local cake shop. Wow now that’s what I call a real friend who goes the extra mile to make the occasion special.

But wait the surprises were not over as with a big fizz and flash of sparks a missile landed smack bang in the middle of my cake. Now where did that come from, North Korea perhaps?

Thank you again Imtiaz for your friendship and great kindness  and it was a wonderful night shared with you. For more news of Al Shaheen Restaurant please click here for their website and click here for Imtiaz’s Facebook.

Wow, where did that come from?


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  1. Lucky you Chris, I would love an Indian meal as my youngest daughter Karen takes me for one at her local Bekash outlet.