December 8, 2023

The Girne Municipality cleaning branch distributed leaflets to raise awareness in the Boĝazkőy Picnic Area to visitors in order to increase awareness of the need for cleanliness.

On the Girne – Lefkosa highway and  Boĝazkőy picnic area, 247 large trash bags full of rubbish were collected during the recent cleaning work carried out by Girne Municipality cleaning branch.

The Girne Municipality cleaning branch has also distributed leaflets in order to raise awareness for the need, not to spoil the environment by dumping rubbish with the theme,

“People are not the master of nature, but only part of it. Let’s protect the picnic areas in which we spend time with our families. Cleaning is respect, let’s be respectful to the environment. Let us keep our neighbourhood and common areas clean after we use them.

We need to work together for a cleaner environment.”

Güngördü said: Let’s be sensitive to the need for a healthy life!

Girne Mayor, Nidai Güngör said in a statement on the issue, Highways, such as the Girne/Lefkosa highway is the responsibility of the Girne Municipality and the Boĝazkőy picnic area is the responsibility of the Forestry Department.

Despite the recent waste cleaning by the municipal teams, once again the area is being being polluted by insensitive people. Nidai Güngördü said, “Something you pollute, is being cleaned up by others with the right to express that logic by creating awareness in the community, and they started to distribute the leaflets they had prepared in order to raise public awareness”. Güngördü invited everyone to be sensitive to nature and not pollute the environment so we can all have a healthy life.

2 thoughts on “Girne : All working together for a cleaner environment

  1. Hurray!
    At least someone is trying to educate the locals.

    I recently took a TC friend to Girne. He’d picked up a drink in Supreme and on the way back threw the empty can out of the car.

    I stopped and backed up and sent him to pick it up. He got out of the car and said he’d get a lift back to Esentepe. Somehow I seemed to have offended him.

    1. Let your friend make his own way home, disrespectful bloke, sorry for our british arrogance but attitudes need to change and now not Sonra

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