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Girne Municipality will make a pavement about 2,000 meters in length

Karaoğlanoğlu and Ozanköy pavement works

A signing ceremony was held at Girne Municipality offices regarding the pavement work to be carried out in Karaoğlanoğlu and Ozanköy regions within the borders of Girne Municipality.  Mehmet Kuşçu and Duygun Ballı signed on behalf of the Contractors – Kuşçu Kardeşler Construction Ltd and Silyon Construction Ltd, together with Kyrenia Mayor, Nidai Güngördü, for the Karaoğlanoğlu and Ozanköy works.

The Karaoğlanoğlu section starting from the intersection of Region S and going to Edremit, the pavement being  1 kilometer long to the west side of Girne will cost about 105,000TL excluding VAT and it will be completed in 90 working calendar days.

The Ozanköy Bülent Ecevit Avenue with a 1 kilometer long pavement construction will cost approximately 124,000TL excluding VAT and will be completed in 90 working calendar days. Nidai Güngördü, after the signing ceremony, said “Make the pavement better for us” and wished the contractors’ directors every success.