December 6, 2023

We receive some very fine articles and have just received this report from one of our readers about their impressions of the  Enmoda International Awards event which was held at the The Colony Garden Restaurant on May 25th 2017.

By a CyprusScene Reporter……..

Ozer Akkeles

Flying under the radar but making a smooth landing was the ENMODA INTERNATIONAL AWARDS event held at The Colony Garden Restaurant on May 25th 2017 when around 500 guests walked the red carpet following several days of pre-events and the former Mr. Cyprus turned entrepreneur, Mr. Ozer Akkeles outdid himself in gathering and presenting the best of the best! He is a schooled architect finishing his masters and in fact designed the stage for the performers!

Akkeles’ past events for ENMODA were outstanding but perhaps this was the most memorable to date as world famed artists made it to the North with ease and support of major sponsor Redif Nurel who hosted dinners, openings and parties for the stars throughout the days of the fest! Mr. Nurel opened his modern swanky condominium complex on the 24th May where artists and guests gathered and were treated to music by Adam Clay and Turkish vocal star and new resident there, Cenk Eren.

Just how in the world Ozer managed to gather the likes of Faydee, Mohambi, Adam Clay and more is unbelievable, but a little bird told me Ozer had hosted them before in visits to the beautiful island and strong bonds ensued! They couldn’t wait to return to Paradise!

Awards were made to outstanding Cyprus Island designers, models, dancers, artists, following which came the performers and their show. All of these famous singers, who are followed by millions of fans,  were beloved by the audience in attendance. Huge cheers went up from fans and everyone wanted to dance along!

Wowing the evening’s guests were Peter Kai from Lebanon, Jeyla of Azerbaijan, Yabee of Romania, Andrea of Romania, Askan Mohammadian Orient, Alex Mica of Romania, Natalia Gordienco from Moldova, Faydee of Australia, Rana Samaha of Egypt, Shiraz of Lebanon, Mohombi International, & Demetra George Mustafaoglu of USA. Many awards were made that night for outstanding work in the arts but too many to list. You must not miss their next event!!!

Almost last and near the bewitching hour was the surprise of the night and only live performance by America’s outstanding opera singer Demetra George from Oklahoma who sang Merce Dilette Amiche from Verdi’s I Vespri Siciliani. Demetra clad in a black lace cocktail dress took the stage with a gold and black feather mask and danced across the stage telling the story of her aria. When she rang out her ending high E flat, the entire audience, which was absolutely stunned, jumped to their feet and awarded her with a resounding ovation. What a surprise amid all the pop singers of the night to see classical music still appreciated.

Mohambi closed the show and all awardees were invited to the stage to dance and sing along with him.

By the time everyone shared hugs, kisses, and enough photos for a lifetime, the birds were singing but the party carried on at the ONYX till the wee hours of the morning and fond farewells were made until all would meet and gather again someday in a reprise concert.

One can only wonder what ENMODA will create to surpass this magnificent event next year???



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