November 30, 2023

Work has been initiated in the east of Girne to move road traffic smoothly and safely.

Girne Traffic Transportation Master Plan prepared by the Municipality of Girne for the reduction of traffic intensity on Ugur Mumcu Boulevard called for 4 lanes to be constructed and the work is  continuing. A roundabout has  been constructed in front of Cagra Ltd in Karakum for the safe and fluid flow of local traffic. The project consists of the construction 0f 4 lanes from the new Çağra Ltd roundabout and  Yeni Liman Çemberi roundabout (Pia Bella) with improved street lighting of the boulevard and improved pedestrian crossing points.

Güngördü: The district has grown and the road has not been expanded with it.

Girne Mayor Nidai Güngördü said that the Girne-Degirmenlik Highway, which provides the connection between the Girne districts in the east and Girne city, was constructed as a highway by the decision of the ministerial board in the 1980’s. Nidai Güngördü emphasized that despite the passing years, the road infrastructure has not been enlarged in proportion to the increasing population and that other technical and administrative regulations have not been made. Güngördü stated that due to the increase of traffic density on the road, a decision was taken for 4 lanes to be constructed on the Uğur Mumcu Boulevard, which is a part of the road improvement plan, in line with the decision taken by the Municipality of Girne.

Traffic congestion and flow will improve

Güngördü stated that the double lane traffic coming from Semih Sancar Caddesi roundabout will be able to move as a double lane from the New Harbour roundabout going to the east and help relieve the traffic flow and congestion. Güngördü added that the connection between Çağra Ltd and the Cratos Hotel in the future will be achieved by improving the highway from the roundabout in front of Cagra Ltd and Kadife Sokak.


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