TRNC letter of condemnation regarding demeaning sign in South Cyprus tour bus

On the 19th May 2017, a tour bus from Southern Cyprus visiting the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus had a sign in the German language on the front window which translated to ‘tour to the area occupied by Turks’.   A letter was written from the Ministry of Tourism and Environment and all tourism civil society authorities stating that it is unacceptable and that the most effective measures have been taken by our state to prevent similar incidents that are completely against the spirit of tourism and philosophy. Foreign tourists who visit the northern part of the island come to enjoy tourism and the peace of the country and to admire the historical, natural and cultural assets of our country.

The TRNC will not remain silent in the face of such activities, either from individuals and/or collective groups for the purpose of harming our tourism image.  We are requesting more sensitivity and seriousness from the tourism agencies and tour operators who send tourists from Southern Cyprus to the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. We declare our condolences to the whole public and we present our respects.

Assoc. Dr. İsmet ESENYEL –  Undersecretary of Ministry of Tourism                                                            and Environment

Fethi ÖZBOĞAÇ –                      Head of KITOB

Orhan TOLUN –                          KITSAB President

İbrahim ALTINER –                     KITREB President

Ahmet ARKIN –             President of Casino Businessmen Association

Ercan KÜÇÜK –                           RESBİR President

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  1. Only two years ago we met English tourists on a day trip to Kyrenia from the South who told us their tour guide had warned them that Turks were not to be trusted, would over charge them, and try to cheat them on the exchange rates. They were also given to understand that the North was a lawless place where they must be very aware of their personal safety. Needless to say, they found no truth in any of these warnings!

    • How often has this been said Janiana and perhaps the only people that believe this stupid propoganda are the Greek Ctpriots and those that they have brain washed

  2. I totally agree with this letter. North Cyprus is definitely peaceful destination and people here deserve all the best. I join them condemning such actions and provocations.

  3. It is obvious that Cypriot Turks are trying to reach some form of PEACE while the other side is continuously undermining the process e.g celebrating ENOSIS in schools, preaching hatred for anything Turkish in Churches and pretending politically they are ready for peace!!! Maybe in 100 years if their education, their Church, and their political attitude change !!!

  4. Totally ridiculous and insensitive I am so heartly fed up of this attitude towards the North of Cyprus if the Turkish army hadn’t intervened and helped the people of the North none of us would be having this conversation now because they wouldn’t exist! Get your History correct stop been so blinkered North Cyprus is home I have lived here for 26 years and am proud to say I am also a citizen

  5. These sorts acts have been going on for years by the South side towards the Turks and nothing has been done about it from anyone, this only proves and spells one thing to me which is; everything the Greeks do or say against the Turks is being accepted by the EU and the rest of the Western World. How disgusting. I condemn everyone who supports the Greeks and helps them with their Propaganda against ALL TURKS. Let me remind them once again that if it wasnt for the TURKISH Army’s ”INTERVENTİON” in 1974 of Greece Nikos Samson’s EOKA Genoside would have carried on, and more importantly not only towards the TCs but also to their own GCs as well. No one should forget this remember this also, the Greeks KİLLİNG the BRİTİSH soldiers too!!!