May 31, 2023


Prime Minister Özgürgün: “Greek Cypriot side moves further away from finding a solution day by day”

Özgürgün spoke after his meeting with President Mustafa Akıncı in the Presidency, during which they  evaluated the latest developments in the negotiation process.

Following the meeting, Özgürgün said that the Turkish Cypriot side has always taken an active role towards finding a comprehensive and permanent solution.

Emphasizing that the negotiations will continue until the end of May, Özgürgün said “Once more, we have confirmed with President Akıncı that the Greek Cypriot side is gradually moving away from finding a solution. The Greek Cypriot side should know very well that the Turkish Cypriot side is not desperate in case an agreement cannot be reached in the island. We are not in the position of being a province of Cyprus. The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus exists, and will continue along its path of developing and strengthening itself”.

Mentioning that he will support President Mustafa Akıncı in the negotiation process, which will continue until the end of May, Özgürgün said “I hope that the Greek Cypriot side will return to the Geneva talks by the end of May, start where they left off and that a final result is reached in Geneva”.

TRNC flag erased as Anastasiades bangs New Delhi ‘Peace Gong’

Greek Cypriot leader Nikos Anastasiades, who was in India for a four-day official visit, played a symbolic ‘peace gong’ in New Delhi.

All the world’s flags were flown at the event, including the flag for the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. The TRNC flag was, however, erased from photos published by Greek Cypriot News Agency (CNA) after the event.

11 more TRNC  organisations included in international health system, Map2heal

It has been confirmed that 11 more health organizations from the TRNC have been accredited in a signing ceremony yesterday for the “Map2heal” on-line patient admission system. The system has been implemented as a project by the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK).

The Minister of Tourism and Environment Fikri Ataoğlu, Minister of Health Faiz Sucuoğlu, Founding Chairman of World Health Tourism Council Emin Çakmak, Chairman of Health Tourism Council Ahmet Savaşan and authorities from health organizations attended the signing ceremony and its accompanying press conference. The total number of members from the TRNC has now reached 12, including the Near East University Hospital, which has already been registered to the system.

Minister of Health Faiz Sucuoğlu said that the TRNC has continued its integration into  the world thanks to the Map2heal system.

Minister of Tourism and Environment Fikri Ataoğlu pointed out the importance of reaching  this stage, despite the  obstacles posed by the Greek Cypriot Administration.

Furthermore, in his speech given at the ceremony, Chairman of the Health Tourism Council Ahmet Savaşan said that the Map2heal system, which includes 90 countries,  is very important for health tourism to the country.

Founding Chairman of the World Health Tourism Council Emin Çakmak also gave a speech, describing the system as a “map of health”. Çakmak also noted that Map2heal is a platform for people to access high quality health services in various locations in the world. Adding that there are 151 offices in 90 countries within the framework of the programme, Çakmak said that the system also offers translation services in various languages, and has a feature to quickly transfer the patients’ files.

Missing Martyr Salim Hasan Rıfat to be buried today

Missing Martyr Salim Hasan Rıfat will be buried with a military ceremony today. Following the funeral prayer at İsmail Safa Mosque, Rıfat will be buried at the Martyrdom in Lefkoşa cemetery.

Source: TRNC Public Information Office –

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