June 1, 2023

By Chris Elliott…..

The tragic news today of the horrendous traffic accident on a Girne to Lefkosa mountain road between a school bus and a lorry and the awful loss of life and urgent calls for blood donations to help the injured brings it to stark contrast in our daily lives, how much we owe to those, be they volunteers or professionals, who try to help others in their hour of need and we are publishing below news from Jayne Matter of Tulips of the sad passing of John Anderson which came to us as we came back from the UK to the TRNC just a few days ago which sums up what these wonderful people do.

Cyprusscene extend their condolences and sympathy to the families of those killed or injured in today’s dreadful accident.


John Bernard Anderson RIP



The funeral of John Bernard Anderson took place at Lapta Cemetery on 7th November. John had been ill for some time. Several of John’s close friends attended the service, together with his son Mark, daughter Justine, son-in-law Alan and grandson Freddie.

John was a Northern boy, born in Manchester. The son of Bernard, a fish wholesaler, and Kathleen. He had two children, Justine and Mark.

John spent the first 40 years of his life in the North of England apart from a few years in the Middle East when he worked as a computer programmer on the oil rigs in Kuwait and Abu Dhabi. There is apparently a bar over in the Middle East, in Bahrain, that has a drink named in his honour, although unfortunately, no-one can remember the ingredients so his family and friends were unable to drink a ‘John Anderson’ cocktail in his honour after the service.

John moved to the countryside at the start of the 80’s. He loved the country life and was well suited to it. He had grown up wanting to be a gamekeeper and he loved his hunting and fishing. These aren’t usually the pastimes of a teenage girl in the 80’s but Justine gave them all a go to please her Dad. She has memories of beating her Dad on boxing day in thigh deep snow when she would rather be at home trying out her new hairdryer and listening to her Madonna album!

John was also a lover of motor sport and Formula 1. Not many children get the chance to go to the British Grand Prix at Silverstone, Justine and Mark had to squeeze into the front seat of his bright red Lotus Esprit to get there, but it was an amazing experience for them both to share with their Dad.

Justine has asked me to say a few words of thanks:

“Can you please pass on my heartfelt thanks to all of the Tulips team for their care and support of my Dad. He would have been lost without their help. Thanks again to you and Derek for your unbelievable kindness and support. I would have been lost without you! Please also thank Seda for me. Her fantastic knowledge of the process and her compassion made my first day in Cyprus so much easier”.

On behalf of Tulips I would also like to thank Steve Collard for helping to find blood and platelets on a regular basis for John. All the people who so kindly donated blood/platelets for him. “John’s Angels” – his Hospital drivers, Judy and her husband Michael, Maxine, Patsy and Trix. His devoted friends Elaine, Glen, Gagari and anyone else who helped him over the past few difficult months.

Finally, I would like to thank everyone who donated the magnificent sum of 1225 TL to Tulips in memory of John. This money will pay the wages of an Oncology Nurse for 3 weeks.

Rest in Peace, John.


Jayne Matter
Tulips Ex Pat Cancer Support Worker

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