November 26, 2022

By Chris Elliott….

With the leaders of the TRNC  and RoC locked in discussion to try and resolve the age old Cyprus issue you would have thought that they would want the least disruption of the peace talks caused by bureaucratic bungling or perhaps I may be forgiven for misunderstanding what these officials are doing?

I have had the following message through  the Facebook page “Bayrak Radio Television Corporation (BRT)” click here

Is this an isolated incident or are there further reports of this unwelcoming activity at the RoC border? The answer is yes other folk are reporting in the social media that they have also been stopped.

The good news is yes there was a mistake and the following information has been sent to the members of the British Residents’ Society today which we are replicating below so that all expatriates living in the TRNC can rest easy in the knowledge that they can drive their vehicles into the RoC providing that have completed all the necessary documentation.

John Snowby in Facebook “Bayrak Radio Television Corporation (BRT)”

 Chris perhaps you can check this out!

First of all…it’s not April 1st…and İ am awake and fairly lucid….yup…İ own a Cyp registered car here in TRNC. My wife and me fancied a quick trip to the south and off we went to the Metehan crossing. TC side quick check of passport and confirmed my registration number. Tamam so far!.

Greek side and passport shown and no problem. İ needed to have new insurance and tax. Went to Insurance office…Yup I’ll have a month Lutfen…Ah they replied, you need to see that office over there for a new bit of white paper…OK…take your stop-policeregistration  document and passport and driving  licence etc. OK!

Bloke behind the counter..told me .rules have changed he said…oh İ replied…car in your name…yes i replied…ok.. you go back you not allowed to take your car to this side..only TC s allowed to cross in their cars…you’re joking i said…he obviously wasn’t..he told me to turn around …so i pirouetted…he didn’t see the funny side of it

Ok I put my hand out to retrieve my bit of white paper. No he said,  turn around (your car) then I give it to you!

What did he think I was going to do? Escape to the Greek side in my Aston Martin aka Citroën C2. If it’s true?

Talk about shooting oneself in the foot. It’s laughable or maybe it’s the Newcastle football shirt I was wearing and he’s a Sunderland supporter. I suspect that’s nearer the truth….LOL.

I went back to the Turkish side and spoke to the police! They asked me to say it again…They just shook their head and said you can speak to the UN police if you want? Hey I’ve had enough of poor jokes (sorry lads I’m sure you do a good job).

This may be a short lived change of policy but I do wonder why they have introduced it in the first place? What’s the agenda?…

Most Brits who cross do so to spend money…I only hope the North don’t reciprocate…Let the Brits spend money in the North and see how nice it is and perhaps dispel a few myths…OK enough….Cheers…..John

BRS banner

“Dear Member,

As many of you will be aware a number of expats were refused being allowed to take vehicles over the Border.

In order to quell the rumours I can now confirm that the British High Commission have informed me that they made contact with the Ayios Dometios Police and were informed there was a misunderstanding about the application of UN regulations and that this has now been resolved.

I am pleased to confirm that everyone is now free to cross.




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  1. If you were wearing a Newcastle shirt the TCs should have stopped you coming North. HaWay the Lads!!!!!!!!!!!!

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