News from JK’s Bar, Lapta

JK’s Bar in Lapta will be having live music and karaoke every Sunday from 7.30pm with Pete Murray who will entertain with a Pete Murraywide variety of popular music from the 70’s to the present day so you can enjoy both old and new.

During the evening there will also be a chance for those would-be entertainers to show their talent by taking part in the karaoke which Pete does so well with thousands of songs to choose from.

Daren Barton, the owner of JK’s Bar, came to North Cyprus 10 years ago, he bought the land and built JK’s which is Daren Barton and partner Michaelanamed after his 2 sons.  Daren’s partner Michaela, as well as making sure all the customers are happy, also finds time to take part in the karaoke events which she really enjoys.

Daren and Michaela will be pleased to welcome you to JK’s Bar.  If you would like a meal the usual JK’s menu is available and booking would be appreciated, and if you need any further information you can make contact on 0533 835 6114.

As well as the regular Sunday live music and karaoke, JK’s have a variety of events throughout the year and these always prove to be very popular.   To keep up to date with what is going on visit JK’s Facebook page by clicking here