Young Talent sought for Short Film for North Cyprus Film

North Cyprus Film has been asked to seek out a talented young actress for an up-coming short feature film to be shot in North Cyprus in August this year.

By filmmancyprus…….

World acclaimed German short film maker, Erik Markus Schuetz, contacted Peter Wills of North Cyprus Film to assist with cast and location selection for his first film to be shot in Cyprus.

The film will tell the story of an old fisherman who, because of a breakup in his family and the collapse of his fishing business is considering suicide as the only way out and an end to all his film reels are rollingproblems.  He is befriended by a quite grown-up in attitude and straight-talking young girl who talks him round, as a result of which he has a new and fresh approach to life and becomes friends with the girl and her family.

The film will mainly be shot in English and although all speaking parts will be scripted there will be room for freedom and adaptation dependent upon the skills of the actors.

The director is looking for a girl between the ages of 9 and 11.  She could be English or Turkish Cypriot; must speak fluent English; must have had some drama or acting experience, not necessarily in film;  must be capable of learning her part and being directed.  Filming will be over one or two days and in the Kyrenia area.

Applications for consideration must be submitted on her behalf by parents or legal guardians.  Please send name, telephone number and email address,  together with a brief resume of her acting roles, and a recent photograph to Peter Wills at North Cyprus Film; email: peterwills45@hotmail.com.  Shortlisted applicants will be contacted for auditions in due course.

For security, parents can check out  Peter Wills at northcyprusfilm.com or on Facebook: North Cyprus Film.

Closing date for submissions is Friday 17th June.