The Main Event on BRT Radio 28/05/2016 with photographer, Jay Wadams

By Denise Phillips…..

My visitor this week to The Main Event radio studio at Bayrak International is photographer, Jay Wadams.Denise Phillips and Jay Wadhams

Jay studied photography at University in Auckland, New Zealand and later worked for an Australian newspaper in Sydney.  There is passion in Jay’s photography which is not just a photograph, some of his work is processed onto aluminium and acrylic and this gives a beautiful texture both visually and to the touch and all of his work captures light and atmosphere.

Jay spends his time between Munich in Bavaria and North Cyprus and the good news for lovers of the art of photography is that he will be holding a second exhibition at the Gardens of Irini in Bellapais which will have its opening at 5pm on Thursday 26th May and continue for the general public through to Sunday 29th May where he will be showing a combination of his recent travel images and also some studio work he has recently been undertaking as you can see below.

collage Jay Wadams

Do join Jay and I to hear more about his passion for photography and also listen to some of his favourite music and songs on the Main Event on Saturday 28th May at 15.00pm and you can reach this show wherever you are online by following the links below.

This show will also be repeated on Sunday 29th May  at 11.00am to 12.00 noon.

Happy listening and do have a great week

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