March 22, 2023

By Chris Elliott……

For the past 12 months or more I have been following the entertainment scene in North Cyprus through the legal expat entertainers from All Star Agency Promotions and during the off peak tourist season one of them, Jamie Vincent aka Jamie the Man in Black expanded his activities through guitar tuition.

In the past I had been along to Jamie’s guitar clubs at The Lodge Çatalköy, SeAngle, Çatalköy and Baroosh Bar, Alsancak which  you can read about and see the video and pictures through the  links below.

jamies happy bamd of strummers

Today Sunday the 1st May 2016  I went back to the SeAngle Bar in Çatalköy, to what was an astonishing students open day where so many of Jamie’s students and their families came together in the SeAngle cosy bar to share their love for music and desire to learn to play guitar.

There were so many familiar faces and smiles and waves when I arrived, it was like a big family gathering and perhaps that is what it was, a family of guitarist’s ranging in ages from 8 to 70.

Jamie’s “Strummers” came together!

Jamies Strummers

Having watched Jamie so many times it is clear that he has a very special bond with his pupils and their families and loves to share with them, his love of music and the guitar by so much enthusiasm and encouragement that helps his students believe in themselves and perform impromptu pieces they have never played before. Perhaps that’s the best way to learn by discovering with a little praise that you really can achieve what you desire.

Jamie Vincent and his student open day

Yes, looking back to when Jamie first came over from Turkey to join ASAP and make a career for himself as an entertainer in the TRNC, a lot has happened. Without doubt he,  like fine wine, has matured and we see his fine marketing and promotional activities and given his  natural enthusiasm and charisma, is it any wonder he has such a large following and as he says ” I am a  proud holder of a TRNC work permit” and it does show clearly through his entertainment and other activities..

Eddie and Jamie with the left handed guitar
Eddie and Jamie with the left handed guitar

Sadly I had to leave Jamie and his students and their families having a great time together which I understand went on longer than planned. Jamie finished a very successful event with 2 new people asking him for guitar tuition taking the group to a total of 25 students.

Finally a friend of SeAngle, Bar, Glynn donated a left handed guitar to be used by the group and this was raffled and the lucky winner was Eddie.

Read more of Jamie’s Guitar clubs at:

The Lodge, Çatalköy

Baroosh Bar, Alsancak

Jamie the Man in Black

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