TRNC News 22nd March 2016 – Minister Colak received TUMBIAD delegation

TRNC News Today 22nd March 2016

Minister Çolak received “TUMBIAD” delegation

Foreign Minister Emine Çolak received the delegation of ‘All Bureaucrats and Business People Social Solidarity Association’ (TUMBIAD), today.

Minister Colak received TUMBIAD

Speaking at the meeting, Chairman of TUMBIAD Ufuk Bilgetekin said that they held their first overseas visit to the TRNC in order to evaluate the investment opportunities.

Minister Çolak expressed that she has been conducting her duty for 8 months but she has always been interested with non-governmental organizations in her life. Çolak also added that she believes that formations consisting of different professions, not only from one occupational group, will be more beneficial.

Furthermore, Çolak said that the delegation has arrived on the island at a good time to gain the potential advantages which may arise from the continuing peace process.

Sizopulos: “The settlement plan being discussed by Anastasiades is identical to the plan which was rejected by the Greek Cypriot people in 2004”

Greek Cypriot socialist EDEK leader Marinos Sizopulos proclaimed new reports again regarding Greek National Council yesterday, Sizopulos claimed that the settlement plan being discussed by Anastasiades is identical to the plan which was rejected by the Greek Cypriot people in 2004.


According to the news of the Greek Cypriot radio, Sizopulos accused Anastasiades, the Greek Cypriot Administration and the leaders of DİSİ and AKEL concerning misinforming the Greek Cypriot people on how the talks have been progressing so far. He also stated that he felt responsible for informing people correctly and that’s why he would continue to report the documents.

The EDEK leader furnished a three-page list juxtaposing provisions of the Annan plan to the Anastasiades-Akıncı convergences. Some consensus such as  partnership, the remaining powers, the powers of the constituent states, citizenship, fundamental rights and freedoms, the high court, the property, the property committee and the public health committee were included in the list.

EP Deputy Böge: “The world is waiting for the solution of the Cyprus problem”

Speaking to Turkish Cypriot daily Kıbrıs Postası, The European People’s Party (EPP) deputy Reimer Böge said that he is pleased with the leaders and negotiators in Cyprus and they need to use the opportunity well.

Reimer Boge

Stating that the world is waiting, thus both leaders and negotiators as well as the people have to use the opportunity in the best way, Böge said that a solution should be reached as soon as possible for both economic development and for being a political example.

Böge also pointed out that the election of Mustafa Akıncı as the President has a positive impact on the negotiation process.

He added: “Both leaders are trying to conduct negotiations and the mentioned confidence-building measures appeared to be hopeful”.

Statements regarding progress in the negotiations astonish Omiru

President of the Greek Cypriot parliament Yannakis Omiru said that he was surprised at the statements that progress has been achieved in the Cyprus negotiations.

Yannakis Omiru

Speaking at the commemoration ceremony which was held for EOKA supporter Petrakis Kiprianu, Omiru stated that the ongoing negotiations process started “cautiously optimistic” because Mustafa Akıncı was selected as the President. Reminding about the statements of President Akıncı regarding explicit population, territory majority and declaration of solution as the primary law in order to allow deviations from the EU acquis, and his words related to the maintenance of the 1960 guarantees, Omiru said that the argument that progress has been achieved in the negotiations, caused “surprise and question marks”.

DIKO has started the election campaign as “offensive”

DIKO has started the election campaign of the general elections to be held on 22 May as “offensive”.  Speaking at an event, DIKO leader Nicolas Papadopoulos said that the Greek Cypriot leader Nikos Anastasiades, DISI and AKEL enable upgrading of President Mustafa Akıncı and the TRNC. Indicating that they should resist in order to protect the “Republic of Cyprus”, Papadopoulos defended that they should claim the solution they want, not the one which is trying to being imposed on them and criticized DISI and AKEL that they were seeking the return of the Annan Plan and were simply afraid to tell the people.

DIKO - election campaign

Papadopoulos said that a solution should be functional and sustainable, respect international law, the EU principles, democracy and the human rights and freedoms of all citizens of Cyprus and ensure the survival of “Cypriot Hellenism.  Furthermore, stating that the solution should ensure the continuation of the “Republic of Cyprus”, Papadopoulos said that instead Anastasiades ensured that he is reducing the value of existence of the Republic of Cyprus gradually with his tolerance and actions and raising the TRNC and President Akıncı.

Sennaroğlu resigned from CTP

Republican Turkish Party (CTP) İskele deputy Önder Sennaroğlu has resigned from his party.

Onder Sennaroglu

Memorandums regarding the resignations of Democrat Party (DP) Güzelyurt deputy Menteş Gündüz and CTP İskele deputy Önder Sennaroğlu were read at the general assembly of the parliament yesterday morning.

Henceforth, Sennaroğlu and Gündüz will serve as independent deputies in the parliament. With the latest resignation of Menteş Gündüz, the number of deputies of Democrat Party in the assembly has decreased to 5, and that of CTP has decreased to 20.

The distribution of deputies in parliament from today is as follows:

The Republican Turkish Party (CTP) has 20 deputies, the National Unity Party (UBP) has 18 deputies, the DP-UG has 5, the Communal Democracy Party (TDP) has 3 deputies and there are 4 independent deputies.

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