November 26, 2022

8th Öztan Özatay Photo Competition and Exhibition

Entry closing date: 20 February 2016


By Heidi Trautmann……

With growing success and with great discipline I see the organisers of the photo competition keep up the family tradition to not only commemorate Öztan Özatay, journalist and photographer, but to promote the art of photography by inviting professional as well Old camera imageas amateur photographers to take part each year. Please read the conditions and find all necessary forms enclosed.

You will find my reviews of the former seven competitions and exhibitions on my website and the winner photos displayed.

Buket Özatay is a fantastic art photographer, numerous times internationally awarded; she travels a lot to countries and seeks their people, their colours and traditions but also goes exploring in her own country to find human niches; you will find my interview with her held of some years ago on my website. New are her photography courses where she shares her knowledge.

There is so much to discover in your surroundings, just take up your camera

ÖZTAN ÖZATAY  8th Photo Competition & Exhibition

This contest is held for the 8th time in memory of the former businessman, journalist and photographer Öztan Özatay who played a major role in the development of Turkish Cypriot photography and died on February 5th 2008.

The aim of this competition and exhibition is to commemorate the name of Öztan Özatay and contribute to the art of photography.

Öztan Özatay Photo Competition & Exhibition has undertaken a historical role Camerain terms of reflecting the degree of interest to the art of photography in Northern Cyprus. The competition for seven years has been the most extensive, prestigious competition, as being at the status of having the most participation in any photography competition within  Northern Cyprus, regarding the number of participating photographs and photographers.

For the last four years, we initiated a social responsibility project by providing help to the Kemal Saracoglu Foundation for Children with Leukaemia and Fight Against Cancer.

CLOSING DATE:   20 February 2016


Press Conference and Photo Conversation – Golden Tulip Hotel – Nicosia


Acceptance List will be sent to all participants in 5 days after the judging day via email, internet and press.


EXHIBITION VENUE: Ataturk Cultural Center, Nicosia

CATALOGUE: The catalogue will be available on the opening day of the exhibition.

CERTIFICATE: The certificates will be given to those who have acceptances, on the opening day of the exhibition.


OZATAY Photography:   Hacı Ali Apt. Öğretmenler Caddesi,  Kermiya North Cyprus

Tel:   0090392 223 8968 – 0090392 223 8969 / OZTAN OZATAY Geleneksel Fotoğraf Yarışması Sergisi


Buket Ozatay   –  0090 533 868 9990

Ozhan Ozatay  –  0090 533 844 4546


Contest Chairman

For application forms : click here, click here and click here

Please vist my website click here to read many more articles about Art and Culture.

Thank you 

Heidi Trautmann

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