March 27, 2023

EFRAR are helping Tulips with legal fund raising


Further to our recent article about legal fund raising for Tulips – Help Those With Cancer Association, click here, we have received a request from EFRAR Chairman, Art Watson to publish their committee details for those local people who may wish to make donations to Tulips or enquire about sharing ideas for fund raising events.

“For clarity the following EFRAR committee members are authorised to collect money and to organise events on behalf of Tulips.

Art and Mary Watson. Tulips and EFRAR fund raising together
Judith VizardTulips and Efra fund rasing together
Lesley Roper
Roy Ashkett
Carmel Keavney
Sue Steel
Brian Hills
Ivor Moon

Gill Moon is also authorised to collect money for Tulips.”


EFRAR – Esentepe Fun Run and Ramble

It is important to Tulips that all events are legal to ensure the charity and any organisers are protected.

Efrara events committe





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