Tulips Important Announcement‏ regarding legal fund raising


We have received the following important notification from Carole King and Sue Tilt of Tulips – Help Those With Cancer Association and would ask all local readers to take due notice of the correct way to raise funds for Tulips.


Although Carole and Sue have temporarily withdrawn from actively fund raising and organising events, other than running the Tulips Lambousa Stall every Saturday, they are still both active and supportive of Tulips/HTWCA.

If anyone wishes to organise an event or raise money for Tulips please contact either Carole or Sue who are still available to help guide and direct you in the right direction.  Alternatively please contact Seda Avcan at the Tulips office on 0542 882 3658 or by email: sedaavcan@khyd.org, and we will ensure that all your events are legal and above board.

Tulips Fund raising organisers

Please note that in the Girne area there are only 4 people (with the exception of the EFRAR committee) who are authorised to collect money at events on behalf of Tulips these are Carole King, Sue Tilt, Seda Avcan and Barbara Willbye.

It is important to Tulips that all events are legal. If anyone approaches you to organise an event for Tulips, other than those mentioned above, can we please ask that you make one of us aware of this to ensure the charity and any organisers are protected.

Thank you,

Sue and Carole”

Tulips noyice to fund raisers image