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TRNC News Today 17th November 2015

Turkish Cypriots were attacked again

Followers of Greece’s Neo –Nazi Golden Dawn and members of far right party ELAM in South Cyprus attacked Turkish Cypriots who crossed to South Cyprus.

Greek Cypriot students

Hundreds of ELAM members including students threw stones and firecrackers towards the TRNC from the border gates, damaged four vehicles of the Turkish Cypriots and two Turkish Cypriots were injured during the attacks.

One of the drivers, Merkan Numansoy, told that those who attacked them seemed to be students and a stone hit his chest during the attack. He also added that although the Greek police station was 100 meters away from them, the police did not take any precautions against the activists and the other two Turkish Cypriot vehicles were attacked twice.

Damaged car

Numansoy also added that when they went to the Greek Cypriot police station, to make a complaint, the police warned them, “it could be dangerous to cross over to South Cyprus from November 15 until November 20.”

Who is ELAM ?

The extreme right wing and racist Greek National People’s Front (ELAM), which operates in the Greek Cypriot side was founded in 2008. The organization defends excessive Greek nationalist ideology and strictly refuses a federal solution in Cyprus. The organization is well known by its publications and organizations against the TRNC, the Turkish Cypriot people and the refugees.


The organization transforms these verbal attacks into physical force against the Turkish Cypriots and creates moral and material damage during these protests by attacking the cars of the TurkishCypriots. ELAM is the extension of Greece’s Neo–Nazi Golden Dawn party that was founded in 1993 and the members of the Golden Dawn party supported ELAM in many activities.

Akıncı:”Greek Cypriot Administration must take this issue seriously”

President Mustafa Akıncı criticized the attacks which were carried out by the members of ELAM and the Greek Cypriots students against Turkish Cypriots near the border gates in Lefkoşa yesterday and emphasized that this behaviour does not contribute to the negotiating process in any way. On the other hand, Akıncı wants the Greek Cypriot Administration to arrest the criminals immediately and bring them to trial.

Mustafa Akinci

Stating that it is not possible to understand the participation of Greek students in such an incident, Akıncı said that the Greek Cypriot Administration must take this issue seriously.

In his written statement, President Akıncı also expressed that some Greek Cypriot students and the members of ELAM conducted this incident to protest against the Anniversary of the Establishment of the TRNC. Stones and bottles were thrown through the Yiğitler Burcu in Lefkoşa.

Furthermore, expressing that such attitudes do not contribute to the negotiation process in any way, President Akıncı added “School Administration and teachers allowing the students to be involved in this incident is unacceptable”.

United States of America donates 60,000 dollars to CMP

United States of America donated 60.000 dollars to the Committee on Missing Persons.


According to the written statement of the Committee on Missing Persons, the Ambassador of the United States of America in Cyprus, H.E. Ms Kathleen A. Doherty visited the anthropological laboratory of the Committee on Missing Persons (CMP) in Nicosia. On this occasion, the CMP expressed its sincere thanks to the United States of America for its latest donation of USD 60,000 in support of the work of the CMP. It was also expressed that this donation brings the United States financial assistance to the CMP to a total of EUR 501,750 over the past ten years.

So far, 614 missing persons from both communities have been identified and returned to their families for a dignified burial.

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6 thoughts on “TRNC News Today 17th November 2015 – Turkish Cypriots were attacked again

  1. Not more bloody extremists – I am disgusted that they went unpunished – isn’t there enough hate in this world. You silly children – have a thought before you go to these lengths – imagine if it was your mum, dad, brother,sister, or best friend hurt or killed by extremists because that is what YOU are! Stop this nonsense now, we all know what it’s about, you want to hinder or stop friendly negotiations with the TRNC – why can’t you all live in harmony. The government in the south need to take this seriously before it gets out of hand. Look at the Isis situation I’m sure they started off with a small group of mental idiots – We want peace not war!

    1. Thank you for your comment Joolsdarling. many, many people will agree with your feelings and how many times have we seen this same act throughout history. A new generation wanting to follow in their grandfathers footsteps and by the time they become grandfathers many will have learned the ills of their ways.

      That is called wisdom but so many people have to suffer for these lessons to be learned.

      The bigger problem of course is the yet to be proven encouragement of these activities by those who have hidden agendas.

      1. After what has happened in Paris and other such terrible incidents all over the globe you would hope that these youngsters would want a differant world for their families – a world without hate and extremism – I wonder who is brain washing them?

      2. We can all guess but for sure the international security forces know but what will they do?

        Of Cyprus they will continue to sweep the daily evidence of no co-operation and increasing anti activities under the carpet and pretend all is well.

        They want a Cyprus solution but are not prepared to learn the truth of history and rap knuckles and demand a moderate and peaceful attitude in exchange for their support.

  2. I attended the airshow on Sunday along with hundreds of people to celebrate the formation of the TRNC. It was lovely to see the happiness on all the peoples faces. BUT can anyone imagine the same celebrations taking place with Greek Cypriot in the crowd if there ever was re-unification. I fear there would be trouble. It would be a different picture all together. For goodness sake when are the authorities going to realise to just recognise Northern Cyprus internationally and leave things as they are. These re-unification talks are a waste of time and they are a Farce.

    1. Thank you Richard for your comment and so many people hold this point of view. The South of Cyprus has been seen as the legitimate representative of the whole of the island of Cyprus since 1974 despite their racial prejudices and appalling activities. Today’s international governments are unwilling to accept that their previous government’s policies on the Cyprus issue may have been wrong and do nothing to change the dynamics of the situation.

      Two wrongs don’t make a right comes to mind and it takes a very brave man or country to say we got it wrong. Germany did it after WW2!

      it’s about time the truth was faced concerning the Cyprus problem and the ongoing appeasement and support for a wide sided argument is stopped.

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