December 8, 2023

Jamie sings on Macaron Sundays

in Alsancak

By Jamie…….

Go an enjoy  a fantastic Sunday lunch at the Eat at Macaronwonderful Macaron Restuarant in Alsancak. Let Emrullah and his staff serve you with free meezes, and then a choice of either starter and sweet and main course for 25tl or starter main course and sweet for 30tl.

If you prefer a quieter lunch then go between 1pm and 5pm and you can chat to your hearts content, but if you enjoy a more lively atmosphere then go along between 5pm and 8pm when they have live music with me ‘Jamie’.

Whatever time you choose we fell sure you will the afternoon in this warm and friendly venue. If past Sundays are anything to go by booking is recommended if possible on 0548 873 8637 or you can leave a message on their Facebook page ‘Macaron Alsancak ‘ click here

Jamie shows Emrullah how to play guitar

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