September 26, 2022


Thoughts for the week





Hobbies – I can’t say I have one particular hobby. Music and song writing I would class more of a passion although I guess hobbies are a person’s passion.

I love art in any form and have tried my hand at many forms of art including photography and glass painting. I admire any artist whether they paint, take photos, make music, play an instrument or do anything which is creative. I feel it shows a determination.

We are all spiritual beings and I believe we all have hidden talents, however, some people just haven’t found or haven’t even begun to look for theirs.

Keep searching, you may surprise yourself.



Hobbies – I have lots of hobbies, although I don’t have enough time to do many of them.

I love to read a good book, but hardly ever read anymore, and love to watch films, maybe as the winter approaches I will have more time for those two.

My main hobby these days is jewellery making, this is a new hobby that I started whilst living in Cyprus. I find it very therapeutic, and rewarding and I also love dancing and doing yoga and have recently completed a Reiki course.

I just wish I had more time to pursue all of my hobbies,
but the jewellery has taken over !!!



Hobbies – In all honesty, I don’t really have much time these days for hobbies, but on the odd chance I do get a free evening I do enjoy listening to some old tunes, or reading a good old fashioned book (none of this kindle rubbish).

I’m really into documentaries too, so I tend to log on to Youtube and watch lots of those. I like anything to do with history or crime. I don’t really cook, but I’m quite OCD about cleaning so I tend to watch a lot of episodes of how clean is your house!  Marvellous programme, it’s amazing what you can do with a lemon!

I’m actually going horse riding this week, something that I was very much into as a child, I used to own a black mare called Cilla when I was 12 years old, so I’m hoping to get back in the saddle as they say.

Wish me luck! just don’t say break a leg!…xxx

Col Coleman

Col Coleman

Hobbies –  I used to be a gym junkie. I was a bodyguard for many years and would train 4 hours a day 6 days a week. It became an addiction and took over everything.

I used to box as well which gave me the chance to punch out my problems and frustrations. Many people dislike boxing but it is the best cardio vascular exercise around. Now my life is taken up by my family and I wouldn’t change that for anything.


Nothing can replace the love of your family, so now I am a husband and daddy and loving every minute of it.

Jamie Vincent

Jamie Vincent

Hobbies As you can probably guess beyond my music I have very little time for hobbies, Apart from my usual music gigs I also run a very well attended guitar club in The Lodge in Catalkoy.

We have 15 members registered and at least 10 of those turn up each week with the others coming along when they are not in the UK. I also teach guitar in people’s  homes and have students of all ages from 8 years to 65 years old.

The only day I do not do something relating to the guitar is on Mondays and then I like to watch television, or films or just chill!

Sorry no time for hobbies!


As a thank you to all of those fans, we present on behalf of the  


Chris Rea – Gone Fishing

Crystal Kay – Busy Doing Nothing

Next week we will be looking at the thoughts of the ASAP ALL STARS on the subject of 3 Wishes.

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