December 8, 2023

Stay with me, don’t go away and

our day will come!

“Entertainment in North Cyprus”


By Chris Elliott…….

With the aftermath of the entertainers dispute still lingering in Northern Cyprus, the fans of the legal entertainers must be concerned for the future andStay With Me - faces image wonder what the final outcome will be and what they can look forward to next year.

Like the talks of reunification for Northern Cyprus or whether the Euro will be adopted, no one knows what the final outcome will be but at the end of the day let’s pray that commonsense prevails when it comes to the entertainment industry here as we need cheering up.

With that in mind, to all of the legal or those wishing to be legal entertainers in Northern Cyprus,  “Stay with Me“, “Don’t Go Away” and “Our Day Will Come as you will remember from the song titles and videos below..

Stay with me – Faces

Don’t go away – Oasis

Our Day will come – Ruby and the Romantics


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