November 30, 2023

All Stars Agency Promotions, Cyprus

Events Calendar 26th September 2015


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For those entertainers who would like more information about ASAP, please contact me, Ken Hibbitt on 0533 880 7476 or by email on


Date Performer and Location Time
Sat.26th.Sept. Rachel sings live at Efendi, Girne. Tel.0392 815 1149 8pm
Pete Murray, live at Cousins, Edremit. Tel.0542 855 1810 8.30pm
Col Coleman live at the LA Hotel, Lapta. Tel.0392 821 8981 7pm
Sun.27th.Sept. Pete Murray live at J.K’s Bar, Lapta. 6.30pm
Jamie Vincent live at Macaron Restaurant, Alsancak. Tel.0548 850 8221 5pm
Mon.28th.Sept. Pete Murray, karaoke DJ at Olive Bar, Alsancak. Tel.0533 831 0870 8.30pm
Christine sings live at the Malpas Hotel, Catalkoy. Tel.0392 650 3000 9pm
Tues.29th.Sept. Col Coleman, live at L.A.Hotel, Lapta. Tel.0392 821 8981 7pm
Wed.30th.Sept. Rachel sings live at Efendi, Girne. Tel.0392 815 1149 8pm
Pete Murray, sings live at Blue Song Restaurant/Bar, Lapta. Tel.05338459991 8.30pm
Christine, live at The Stumble Inn, Lapta. Tel.0533 830 0277 8.30pm
Thur.1st.Oct. Jamie Vincent Guitar Club at The Lodge, Catalkoy. Tel.0533 822 5793 or Facebook Jamie (The Man in Black) 10am
Jamie Vincent, live at Malpas Hotel, Catalkoy. All welcome. Tel.0392 650 3000 9pm
Fri.2nd.Oct.  Christine sings live at Pia Bella Hotel, Girne. Tel.0392 650 5000 9.30pm


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