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TRNC News Today 22nd September 2015

Press Statement on the Refugee Issue

Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus Ministry of Foreign Affairs made a press statement on the refugee issue. The statement is as follows:

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is following closely the saddening and disconcerting incidents related to the migration of refugees which have lost the security of life due to the current civil unrest in Syria, as well as internal problems in other countries in the region. It is overwhelmingly clear that the refugee crisis which has been created by conflict in the region will only be resolved with the reinstatement of regional peace and stability.

We are witnessing with deep concern through the international press the treatment that the refugees which have migrated to Europe are subjected to, as well as the lack of provision of even their most basic living conditions due to the current problems in the region. It is, therefore, our expectation that each country does its utmost to fulfil their duties and responsibilities pertaining to this humanitarian issue.

The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is doing its utmost with its limited resources to provide the necessary facilitation to the refugees who apply to seek refuge in our country. Our Ministry is working on this matter in close cooperation with the Representative of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) on the Island. Moreover, we welcome the sensitivity attributed to this matter by the Turkish Cypriot civil society organizations, whose work we follow closely.

Legal arrangements to the law on refugees is currently being undertaken by our Government. Following the implementation of the said legislation, our country will be able to play a more proactive role on matters concerning refugees.

The primary necessity for the resolution of this sensitive and humanitarian issue is the establishment of sustainable peace in the region. Unless sustainable peace is achieved, it will not be possible to ensure stability in the region. It is therefore our expectation from the international community to take immediate and concrete steps to cease conflicts which lead to such tragedies so that the people of the region may enjoy peace and tranquillity within their own countries.”

Akıncı: “Strengthening of Turkey is also important for Turkish Cypriots”

In his speech during the reception of Deputy Prime Minister of Turkey Yıldırım Tuğrul Türkeş, President Akıncı mentioned that the strengthening of Turkey and her development in peace and democracy is important for the Turkish Cypriots.

Akinci - Strengthening Turkey

Akıncı expressed that the assignment of a person of Cypriot origin to a position responsible for Cyprus affairs made him happy.

Emphasizing that the length of the task period is not important but the important thing is the success during this time.  Akıncı wished good luck with the nomination of Türkeş. He also emphasized the importance of peace and stability for the future of Turkey.

Deputy Prime Minister of Turkey Tuğrul Türkeş said that he had made his first official visit to the TRNC and thanked President Akıncı for receiving him.

Emphasizing the importance of being a minister responsible for Cyprus, Türkeş expressed his pride and satisfaction from being a Cypriot origin person.

Siber: “Happiness and prosperity of people of both countries are common”

Speaker of the Assembly Sibel Siber received the Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Responsible for Cyprus Affairs Tuğrul Türkeş.

Sibel Siber - Happiness and Prosperity

Stating that the happiness and prosperity of people of both countries are common, Siber pointed to the importance of Türkeş being a minister responsible for Cyprus affairs as someone who knows Cyprus history very well.

In his speech, Türkeş expressed his satisfaction for making his first overseas visit to the TRNC, stating that the Cyprus problem is a priority for Turkey which aims for the prosperity and happiness of the Turkish Cypriot people.

Akıncı to go to New York

 President Mustafa Akıncı will be leaving for New York on Monday 28th of September to meet with the UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon and to hold various contacts within the framework of the 70th UN General Assembly meetings.

Akinci to New York

Akıncı will complete his New York contacts on Sunday 4th October.  As well as the UN Secretary General, Akıncı will be meeting with the US Minister of State John Kerry and the other officials.

Çolak: “The EU process is progressing well and positively”

Speaking in the panel entitled “Sustainable Transportation and Mobility in the European Union and in the Turkish Cypriot Community”, within the framework of  the European Commission’s “European Mobility Week” activities, Foreign Minister Emine Çolak said that the process which started for the full accession of Cyprus as a whole to the EU, is progressing well and encourages hope for everybody.

Emine Colak

Minister Çolak stated that undertaking the EU requirements as tasks and taking advantage of the EU is also a part of the job. Çolak indicated that ensuring compliance to the EU is not possible only by amendment of the laws, however it can be possible by internalizing the EU rules.

Foreign Minister Emine Çolak said that transportation is important in many areas of life and the efficiency of transportation influences the commercial life, the quality of daily life, the environment, and the understanding and aesthetics of urbanism.

Stating that such activities which aim at increasing the sensitivity to the EU are part of the aim to the EU harmonization, Çolak added that the EU harmonization is not only amending the laws but also internalizing the rules of the EU and to understand the standards of the EU.

Mentioning that adopting the philosophy and understanding of the EU is an urgent need, Çolak stated that the “EU harmonization group” is established and the work is continuing in this direction.

Erhürman: “Primary law is essential”

CTP-BG General Secretary Tufan Erhürman underlined that the solution should be the primary law of the EU.


Tufan Erhürman indicated that they cannot say that the EU Chapter is over before this issue is solved. “If the primary law is not realized, people can apply to the European Court for many cases after a solution.”

Stating that Turkish Cypriots are not in the position as they were in 2004, Erhürman said that “Starting point of the process is not really attractive. The economy of the South side is not better than before. To be a member of the EU is not actually important because they are taking the advantage of the EU rights. On the other hand, there is the decision of Dimopulos, thus the situation rolled completely over.”

Erhürman also said that there are some developments under the titles of governance and power sharing in the negotiations, but the critical point is the title of execution.

Emphasizing that they are favouring equality regarding the rotating presidency, Erhürman stated that they are at the point of reaching a settlement in issue of citizenship.

Moreover Erhürman said that there is flexibility in the Greek side about the position of the people who came from Turkey. Erhürman said: “It can be seen that there is an improvement in this issue. The Greek side gave up their ex-discourse. It was actually not an idea suitable for human rights.”

Burglary attempt at house of a 70 year old Turkish Cypriot

It was stated that a 22 year old Greek Cypriot man in Pile village entered into the house of a 70 year old Turkish Cypriot woman and attempted burglary.

Burglary attempt

Greek Cypriot daily Fileleftheros reported that the event took place at about 19:00 on Sunday 20th September. The Greek Cypriot man living in Pile threatened the Turkish Cypriot woman with a knife and demanded money.

In the news, it was reported that the police captured the man shortly after the event.

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